Dell Ceases Production in Ireland

  oresome 20:07 08 Jan 2009

With the direct loss of 1900 jobs.

Manufacturing is moving to Poland, where the next EU start-up subsidy is to be found no doubt.

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  dagnammit 23:40 08 Jan 2009
  ventanas 09:46 09 Jan 2009

I assume this means that all pc's ordered from their web site will now be assembled and transported from Poland. I have 25 Dell desktops which are due to be replaced this year, and I may well have to rethink where I get them from. Nothing against Poland, but it is a lot further away than Limerick. I will have to keep a close eye on things.
Thanks for the info.

  curofone 09:59 09 Jan 2009

I really do not get your comment at all, why does it matter where your pc is assembled? lets face it you could train a monkey to assemble a pc it is really not hard and as long as they are still using the same components then i really can not see the probelem.

Yes it might be coming from further away but as long as the delievery times and cost are the same there really should be know problem at all.

  dagnammit 11:29 09 Jan 2009

Maybe it's the "buying local" thing...

Which, to be honest, I quite like.

  JanetO 11:31 09 Jan 2009

Maybe the poignant point here is that yet even more UK employees are losing their jobs.

  ventanas 11:32 09 Jan 2009

Buying locally, exactly. Whilst I have very little desire to assist the Polish economy, I have every wish to help a local nation ie Ireland. And they need it at the moment.
So as a result of this change Dell may well have lost my business.

  sunnystaines 12:30 09 Jan 2009

Ireland could suffer if more american companies follow suit and follow to eastern europe for cheaper tax incentives, and lower running costs.

  spuds 17:33 09 Jan 2009

Its going to be a bit of a body blow for people working for Dell in Ireland, the same applies to all the auxiliary services Dell used. I have dealt with Dell via Limerick and Shannon on many occasions.

But having said that and perhaps slightly off subject, I have dealt with Kodak who use Belgium as a camera repair section. Turn-a-round for repairs via DHL shipment, have been very good and quick, with no noticeable delays in repairs or administration.

  curofone 18:03 09 Jan 2009

Yeah it is a shame that the ireland plant is closing but at the end of the day dell are in the business of making money and if they can get the same job done in poland cheaper then they will.

As for you like to buy locally can i ask you what machine you are going to buy? as surely just about every computer made is done so in Taiwan by the ODM company and then just put on the badge of whoever is payiny them, even alot of dell machine are actually made in Taiwan.

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