Dell - Buy now pay nothing until 12/2007 - LIES

  thrz 23:40 04 Dec 2006


This is Dell's offer as it states on their website:

"Yes, it's really true! It's shopping made easy! Simply choose from the great range of Dell equipment available to you - from Desktops and Laptops to LCD TVs and Projectors - and when you pay with Dell Financial Services you Pay Nothing Until December 2007!*

* No deposit!
* No advance payment!
* Nothing..!"

My girlfriend phoned up today to place an order on an Inspiron 6400 totalling around £680.

When she asked for the offer mentioned above, they ran a credit check, and then told her she would have to pay a 10% deposit and a £50 admin fee now to get the laptop.

She declined, saying that the website makes no mention of having to pay a deposit/admin fee and the woman on the phone said that her credit rating will be affected if she did not take the offer.

My girlfriend said she would like to make a formal complaint if that was the case, and the sales rep said that actually it was her credit rating with Dell that would be affected, and totally changed her tune.

She's spoken to 3 people plus a manager and still cannot get them to honour the offer mentioned on their website, one person has also said the offer has ended, and the others said she has to pay about £120 in fees now before the laptop would be sent to her.

This is totally not what it says on the website but my girlfriend is having trouble understanding what they are saying (It's an Asian callcentre) and is getting frustrated.

Either Dell are mis-selling or the staff at the callcentre do not know what they are talking about.

Can anyone help?



  bfoc 00:09 05 Dec 2006

Find the web page you refer to but their 'small print' on the Dell Finance Page includes this:

'Finance from Dell Financial Services (CIT Group (UK) Limited). UK consumers aged 18 to 70 years only, subject to status. Prices shown may vary without notice.Administration fee payable in the event of settlement of loan at the end of the Holiday Period. APR dependent on credit score and may differ from typical rate shown. Terms and conditions and written quotations available upon request. Credit Card deposit required.'

If you give a link to the page it might help to check whether there is any 'small print' on Terms and Conditions.

I do know how annoying it is when advertised offers actually have 'exclusions' in them, but I would guess that for them to supply expensive equipment with no charge whatever, they would need a long and (as far as possible) blemish free credit history.

I don't begin to understand what they were saying about not continuing with the order affecting her credit rating!

  thrz 00:21 05 Dec 2006

Here ya go matey:

click here

Her credit rating is amazing, if she can't get this she'll get a 0% for a year CC and pay it on that so no big deal.

The customer services people were really snotty with her as well, she had it on speakerphone and her parents were disgusted with the way she was spoken to.

  mike1967 09:54 05 Dec 2006

I know with dell you can't pay it off early or anything like that as you'll get an admin fee, I did the same as thrz and got a cc for a year with no interest rate.

  spuds 10:21 05 Dec 2006

At the end of the day, it is for the company to decide whether they want to sell one of their products to anyone, and their decision is final.Their loss could be someone else's gain. Credit check references, are one way of finding out about another persons ability of making payments, or proving who the person is what they state. Credit references are not always 100% correct, and your girlfriend was entitled (by law) to request who the credit reference agency that Dell was using. She could have then obtained a record (chargeable)of her information that was on file.

The advert doe's state 'No Deposit', but it also states 'Credit Card Deposit May Be Required', which of course is misleading. You could seek further advice from Consumer Direct click here on this matter, if you want to push it further. They may direct you to the Advertising Standards, for further clarification. Dell have been in trouble in the past, with wrongly worded advertisements, but like all big companies, human error can creep into the way things are stated, as you girlfriend found on this occasion.

Personally, I always regard 'interest free' packages should be as described, but in the case of some companies, including Dell, there can be an handling charge involved, which in my opinion could perhaps give the wrong information as to the deal set-up. I buy quite a few items from Dell, and only once did I consider a finance deal from them. Taking all the pros and cons into the event, I decided it was wiser to obtain finance from other cheaper means, that were still protected under section 75 of the consumer credit act.

  €dstowe 10:55 05 Dec 2006

Be careful of the phrase "Dell cannot be responsible for errors in typography or photography." in the T&C.

If they aren't responsible for their own adverts, can you trust them in anything else?

  thrz 11:02 05 Dec 2006

Thanks for the help guys, I think she's going to try and get a 0% for a year credit card instead and pay it off that way.

  Confab 12:57 05 Dec 2006

The add clearly states at the bottom “Subject to Status” which basically means that Dell decides whether your are eligible for the offer or not

  €dstowe 13:48 05 Dec 2006

Remember that 0% interest does not mean 0% payment. You still have to pay back the capital during the interest free period.

  bfoc 23:59 05 Dec 2006

Just looking at the page in question and it 'compares' the Pay Nothing Until Dec 2007 Option with two other services BUT for the pay nothing option it doesn't give either a monthly payment or the total amount to be paid. It does however make clear that the APR is 22.9% and the term is 4 years! This is actually way above many credit cards, so it doesn't look like a 'great offer' to me.

As has been pointed out it does say that a credit card deposit is required, despite the headline. Actually given the confusions and missing figures I would say that the page is a total mess!

I'm sure your girlfriend has an excellent credit reating, but different companies weight things different ways. I remember when Edward Heath (ex Prime Minister) and then 'Father of the House' was refused a Co-op Credit Card because he 'failed' on credit scoring!

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