cott.99 11:43 21 Mar 2006

Are dell a good brand, there budget seem very good value, but i hear, they are more expensive to upgrade, you have to use there parts, ie more mem, etc, at a later stage, as there parts are non standard?


  961 12:00 21 Mar 2006

They are a top brand. They produce excellent value machines, though are more slanted towards industry than home

Because they make computers using parts designed specially by themselves in large production runs, they are not principally designed for easy upgrading. The motherboard may not have the spare slots etc that many branded computers for the home will have. Some parts, for reasons of cost and reliability, may be permanently fixed to the motherboard or indeed constructed as part of it. For that reason Dell may not be a first choice for someone who may wish to upgrade a computer a year down the line

  spuds 12:41 21 Mar 2006

If you are seeking a straight out of the box system for 'normal' everyday use, or the top grade commercial system, then Dell can accommodate you. Public systems and Dell advertising can get a little confusing as to what each packages true value could be. If you check daily newspapers and special offers or discount newsletters, then the price for the same specification model can vary considerable.

Take a point in motion, I have just calculated the price on a Dell Dimension 3100, which includes everything from a wireless keyboard and mouse, 15" tft monitor, printer and 12 months collect and return warranty . Delivered to the door, all for £248.52 and fully ready to commence work straight out of the box virtually.That is a price that would take a lot of beating for a starter unit.

Going on the downside, Dell upgrades are rather expensive, and in cases nearly impossible after a first configuration. In general though, Dell are a good solid unit, with good world-wide back-up and support. How many NHS or commercial outlets have you seen with a Dell system, many I would imagine!.

  spuds 12:46 21 Mar 2006

Should perhaps have mentioned, the operating system is Microsoft XP Home and would be fully loaded, plus Works 7, but the system would be minus the actual XP Home oem. Not sure whether you would need to pay extra for the recovery disk.

  bjh 17:10 21 Mar 2006

Word of advice... Dell telesales staff are VERY good at talking you into buying that little bit extra... and a software upgrade... and then an extended warranty.

I sent my neighbour off to phone in an order on a suitable spec machine for what he wanted, and he ended up parting with £150 extra for "essentials", none of which he really needed. We phoned back & grumbled a bit, & they offered £10 off the original spec, of £40 off the increased spec. HAPPY neighbour again!

Having said that, the machines are very good, service is (variable but) reasonably good, and prices (if you let your head rule, not your heart) are excellent.

Price what you want up on the website, then phone. Compare the price offered on the web with what telesales say, then see if they will knock £10-20 off.

They often will - or throw in a free widget!

Upgrading can be difficult with some - they often used customised versions of motherboards which can (used to) be a bugger to identify. PSU can also be an odd shape/size, and can be £££ to upgrade.

Happy shopping!!

  keewaa 21:48 21 Mar 2006

The MAIN thing about Dell computers is that the lower end models, (1100 & 1300) do not have graphics card slots and cannot be upgraded with a graphics card. Hence they are cheap. Most other areas can be upgraded as cheaply as any other computer if you're prepared to nullify the warranty.

Buy the 5150 or 9150 if you need a graphics card slot(s). To be sure spend an hour or so on the Dell site looking at the specs of each model.

Dell are excellent value and towards the top in reliability surveys. Amazing bargains are to be had sometimes, and if you ring then pretend you are on holiday in the local market, and enjoy bartering for a good price.

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