Dell Alienware M17x issues

  Stephen63889 20:50 01 May 2015

This post is more to see if other people have has similar issues with Dell.

Since 2007 I have been a customer with Dell after buying a laptop on eBay and I have to say when Dell products work they tend to work well but when they fail Dell service and warranty seem to fail even more. So after three replacement laptops (Alienware laptops) I have found myself once again having issues with the laptop and Dell.
It was January when contact was initiated by myself regarding issues with a wifi card that has been replaced and working successfully. Shortly after that I notices overheating issues on the laptop and again another service engineer was sent out to replace the fans, heat sink and motherboard three times. Unfortunately after repair I notices the screen started flickering and reduced brightness even with the brightness level set to max. This is where Dell advised another service call was issued, only a few days later they decided no to honor their word or warranty and decide to only offer me the service of sending away the computer to their service depot for testing. I advised Dell Executive Advanced Resolution Group that I used this service before with a previous laptop and it failed to rectify the issue. They stood firm on this and now I have had my solicitor contact Dell on my behalf. I have retained all the emails from Dell and also have a recorded call with the employee saying they wont honor the next business day warranty even if its paid for!

I was advised that replacement part are new but that cant be true when refurbished stickers are on the parts. Refusal to talk to supervisors by customer service representatives. Obvious tactics to get you to hang up and forget about it. Not honoring warranty status. Advance resolution group who wont reply to emails. Tell you a part is out of stock and the replacement with be another, but wont tell you what the replacement is.

This issue has been going on since January and my solicitor got a similar response to what I get in that the system must be sent away for testing, but why would I pay for next business day onsite warranty id this is my only option.

The graphics card and wiring has not been changes and in the recorded call the employee states everything possible was changed and that sending the laptop to the service depot is the only option available to me. It is the graphics card that is/was (not sure which is correct) out of stock.

Has anyone else received shockingly bad service and a lack of consumer rights from Dell? and if so has the issue been resolved?

  Forum Editor 08:04 02 May 2015

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  Forum Editor 08:11 02 May 2015

Not all problems can be resolved by a service engineer on site, and in view of the number of visits Dell technicians have made Iam not really surprised that they now want to get the machine back to run tests.

You say that the problems have been going on since January, but you don't say when you bought the laptop. Faults which appear during the six months after the date of purchase are deemed to have existed at the time of purchase,unless the supplier can demonstrate otherwise.

I'm not sure why you are so reluctant to let Dell have the machine back for testing?

  Forum Editor 08:14 02 May 2015

I noticed that you had posted another thread with a different title but about the same issue. Please don't do that, it causes confusion, and any further threads will be deleted, which is what has happened to the duplicate you posted.

  Stephen63889 13:56 02 May 2015

Well I am not happy for Dell to take away the computer and try and resolve the issue and I have used this service in the past with an older machine and the report said it was fixed and about a week later the issue returned. So I don't trust the service. Also they still have not confirmed what graphics card is going to be replaced in the machine since my graphics card is out of stock. Thus I cannot bench test any new replacements against my current graphic cards. The machine was a replacement machine I was given in August 2013.

I have also been told by an employee on the phone from Dell that there is a known issue with overheating and Dell software on these machines. When I asked what the software was I was l do not have it installed and not to worry. So some software has issues but they are not willing to let me know what software.

I am a computer engineer so I know myself the ins and outs of both hardware and software. I no longer trust Dell and their ability to solve the problem hence I have contacted a solicitor. I have given them three chances to repair the machine and they failed. Under the 1980 Sales of Goods and services act in Ireland all goods and services must be of merchantable quality, fit for the purpose intended and as described. This machine has failed on fit for purpose intended, as described and merchantable quality. I am sure under the conformance to specification when designing the laptop specifications did not include overheating, flickering screens and reduced brightness on the screen. Anyway the engineer that was out on the last visit spent an hour afterwards testing the laptop and all the issues was documented and reported by the engineer.

Apologies about posting duplicate threads, I'm new to the site and thought that since this was both a consumer and hardware fault issue then it would be of interest to both threads.

I did sent a message to the forum editor last night, just wondering if you/they got it?

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