Delays in DVD Burner Repair

  AlanHo 17:05 16 Apr 2004

3 months ago I started a thread in the helproom forum click here

The subsequent sequence of events is as follows :-

16/01/04 Email to LG explaining the problem in detail

22/01/04 No response so phoned LG helpdesk who advised they are busy but will respond within 4 days

29/01.04 No response so phoned them again. They apologised and suggested I repeat the Email to a specific individual who looks after burner problems - which I did immediately

03/02/04 Received Email advising that they consider the burner is faulty and asked me to return it for repair. Which I did the following day by Post Office special delivery

15/03/04 Having received no confirmation of its receipt from LG I sent an Email asking for a progress report

31/03/04 No response to my Email so I phoned the LG helpdesk. They promised to check with the repairs dept. and phone me back later that day.
They didn't.

04/04/04 I sent another Email to complain at the lack of response

06/04/04 LG replied that they are expecting spares within a few days and will then give my an eta.

My question : What do you think I should do next - is 10 days really regarded as a few days and perhaps I should be more patient. However being without my DVD burner which is used for safety back-ups is a worry and the LG track record on this problem is not good.

  spuds 20:51 16 Apr 2004

Looking at your dates, it would appear as though LG have had your DVD Burner for aprox 9/10 weeks now. This is not very good service from a well known branded name manufacturer. In some cases like this, the manufacturer would have replaced the item with another unit, 'similar to or better than'.I would contact LG and point out the sorry state of affairs, suggesting that you have not purchased one of their products, only to have bad service, delays and bad responses to your emails etc.Instead of sending emails, I would try a well worded polite letter to a senior person within the organization, perhaps this will bring a better response.

I did not notice, when you actually purchased the burner, and what is the age of the product.Did you try to obtain satisfaction from the retailer who sold you the product.

  AlanHo 23:34 16 Apr 2004


I bought the burner in October 2003 from DABS. I have not contacted DABS because I was not sure that it was the burner at fault and in other postings to this forum DABS seem to have a poor after sales reputation.

I am now in my 17th week without the burner and originally asked LG to exchange it for a reconditioned one - as they have done 4 times in succession with my LG monitor. However they refused and insisted on repairing my unit.

  spuds 13:03 17 Apr 2004

As you have mentioned, Dabs are not the best of companies in giving after sales service, they would have suggested that you took the action of contacting the manufacturer, which you have already done.

Personally, I would now contact your local Trading Standards, and seek further advice. Having to wait the length of time, that you have, is just not on. The Trading Standards will supply you with a well worded letter, which should bring a faster response to your long going problem.If the manufacturers cannot provide spare parts for their product, in the shortest possible time, what doe's this suggest to the average layman. I have an LG combo, and so far it as done the job intended for about 2 years now, but I would have been very annoyed if a repair was going to take as long as you have had to wait.Good luck with your task!.

  Forum Editor 13:21 17 Apr 2004

your contract was with them, not with LG, and it would have been more appropriate to have contacted Dabs in the first instance. LG appear to have accepted that the problem was a manufacturing fault however, and so now you're locked into dealing directly with them. It's worth confirming that they are doing this repair under the manufacturer's guarantee - the one year period still has a while to run - and asking them if they are prepared to issue a new guarantee, to run for a year from the date of repair. By dealing with LG you have effectively terminated Dab's liability under the sale of goods act, so you're on your own with LG from now on.

LG don't manufacture all the components that go to make up a drive, and that's undoubtedly why there has been a delay in your case - they've been waiting for parts from another supplier. We'll be charitable an assume that to be the case anyway.

I share spuds' view that what is termed a 'reasonable time' for the repair to be completed has now expired, and you probably need to up the pressure somewhat. I suggest a special delivery letter to LG (addressed to the company secretary) giving a brief history of the case. Tell them that you have waited a reasonable time for the repair to be completed, and that6 you aren't prepared to wait any longer. Say that you want your drive back, or a new replacement within 7 days, or you will consider taking action without further reference to them.

You are relying on bluff to a certain degree, because your had no contract with the company -you're relying on the terms of the manufacturer's guarantee. My view is that a company like LG will seek to avoid adverse publicity over something like this, but you need to turn the screw now.

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