Delays in delivery

  Tangy 22:22 22 Dec 2003

Hope you guys can help. I am actually problems with TV delivery from Argos, but I didn't know who else to ask.

Anyway, we ordered a 32" widescreen TV & it was supposed to be delivered within 3 weeks. In the end, after chasing them up many times by phone, it was actually delivered almost 3 weeks late. However, only the TV set was delivered. The TV stand was missing. The delivery men said it would be delivered a few days afterward.

When after a week & it hadn't arrived, we phoned the delivery company & they said that according to their records the stand had been delivered. We therefore had to phone back Argos to try & get the stand. Over a space of 2 weeks, all Argos said was that they had emailed their TV department about the case, but hadn't any reply yet. It's now been another 3 weeks since the delivery of the TV set & no stand in sight. What can I do about this. What are my rights in this case?

We don't really want to send the TV back because it was the cheapest by far out of the major electrical stores.

  spuds 23:17 22 Dec 2003

I would suggest that you go into your local Argos store and ask for their help in contacting someone in customer services etc at Argos HO. Argos have not forefilled their contract with you, so you can reject the item.Being Christmas though, things could be further delayed, knowing how Argos are very busy at this time.

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