Defrag question

  The Aardvark 21:38 20 Nov 2005

Could anyone let me know if the defrag programs available to download and / or buy are any better than the standard option that comes with Windows XP.

If so, what do they offer that the Windows program doesn't and can anyone then recommend the best available defrag-er ?

  Devil Fish 01:30 21 Nov 2005

Diskeeper lite is good and its free if you want to give a try click here

there is a pro version with more bells and whistles if you want to pay for it click here

  Chegs ®™ 01:41 21 Nov 2005

I'll add a vote for Diskeeper,I have the Pro version,and its got "Set & Forget" that defrags as necessary at a predetermined time.I know that you can use Task Scheduler in Windows to do this,but its Windows own defrag isn't as quick as Diskeepers.

  smokingbeagle 01:49 21 Nov 2005

You could also consider Ashampoo Magic defragmenter. There's a 30 day trial version but no lite or free version. Also lets you set it and forget it. Feels less intrusive than the Diskeeper. The full version is USD12.99.
click here

  961 09:43 21 Nov 2005

Having been down the paid for Diskkeeper route I have to say that provided you defrag at reasonable intervals the version that comes with windows xp is just as good

  DieSse 10:47 21 Nov 2005

I've never seen the point of using anything except the supplied Windows program.

Defragging is a highly overrated activity anyway on modern systems IMHO, I don't defrag more often than once every few months - I think 3-6 months should be fine for the average user. If you use WinXP with NTFS, it's even less necessary.

I usually defrag only after a tidying up session, and can honestly say I've never noticed any performance difference between before and after.

  stylehurst 14:15 21 Nov 2005

Have a look at Raxco Perfect Disk; I did a comparison some while back between that, Diskeepr & O&O. In the end I settled on Perfect Disk. It is a set & forget, but will also defrag the page file offline; something that the version supplied by Windows or Norton will not do.
Well worth the outlay

  2win 15:29 26 Nov 2005

We run Diskeeper on our servers and workstations and have never had an issue, what i like about it are that it runs without hogging resources and has neat scheduling features. It defrags the MFT and paging file as well. Compared to the built in tool, i think this works much faster and defragging isnt a pain esp on large drives.

I run disk cleanup and defrag regularly as i feel the system runs smooth and the few second lag during file access and boot/shutdown etc is evidently absent when these maintenance tasks are done.

  swanson2 00:57 28 Nov 2005

I suspect that defragmenting the hard disks on modern PC's is not required as often as most people are led to believe.

However I believe the best and quickest way if you really want to defrag is to select (assuming your hard disc is C:) :-




This will defragment your hard disk in DOS and give you a progress report.

I would like to see the performance difference between a hard disk that had not been defragmented for say 1 year and one that was defragmented every week.

I suspect that the performance differance would be minimal?


  Stuartli 10:09 28 Nov 2005

IIRC earlier Windows versions used a version of Diskkeeper Lite as the defrag utility.

I don't know about the XP version's origins but this link may prove of interest:

click here

  GaT7 18:50 28 Nov 2005

Even WinXP's Disk Defragmenter is a basic version of Diskeeper by Executive Software click here.

The free Diskeeper Lite has more features than WinXP's though. G

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