calone 14:44 12 Nov 2003

I started to defrag my c drive as per istructions
allthough icon was showing defag motion the
%completed display never moved.
clicked on show details but large display
was just blank white with no movement on %display.
after aprox three hrs is shut off allthough
computer said it was still i am not
sure what is what.
since then now having trouble .things slowing
down mad blast wont play and keep getting a
lot of can't find page messages, and some leads
from e/mails wont go. I would like to get
back to normal working. sugestionswelcome.

  Lok 14:48 12 Nov 2003

Close down all programs running.

If you have any programs running in the background that writes to your hard drive the defragger keeps restarts - & basically doesn't go anywhere.

If you close all these programs & restart the defragger it should be ok - it will still take a while to run though.


  Djohn 16:28 12 Nov 2003

Are you using windows 98?

  calone 19:30 12 Nov 2003

All progs were closed.
am in win 98

  Djohn 20:31 12 Nov 2003

Dd you use Ctrl/Alt/del to close all programs except for "Explorer"? If not then do this and try again, if your not sure how to close all your programs, then please post back and someone will give a detailed explanation.

If you have tried the above method, then re-boot your PC and tap away at the F8 key while booting, this will start you in selection mode. Highlight "Safe" mode and click on the "enter" key, this will load only the minimum of drivers/programs and you can try "Defrag" from there, should work much quicker. j.

  Andsome 08:44 13 Nov 2003

click here Best thing since sliced bread, and it's free. I liked it so much that I paid £19 for the bought version, which runs continuously in the background, so both hard drives are permanently at 100%

  Rtus 13:51 13 Nov 2003

A smaller option is use WinMe version of defrag (just simply replace (by renaming old ver to Defragold) your defrag file with the Me one ) And its 209kb So wont use a lot of HD space. Mail me if you want the file..

  calone 15:57 13 Nov 2003

Thanks I will give theese at try.

  Rtus 16:04 13 Nov 2003

Its usually Powersaving features that cut in to kill the defrag ..The standard defrag Of win98 can stiil take a good while whereas the modified Me one takes minutes to work, it may be slowish on its first run but after thats organized it simply flys through it.

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