Defending PC world??

  neko 21:00 28 Nov 2004

I never thought I would find myself defending PC world but the after reading the letter on page 27 of this months PC Advisor I think it is a little unfair on them.
The machine that was sold was obviously wrong and the salesman is to blame.
Remember though that the vast majority of PCWorld buyers are not computer literate so I don't saee the problem with reasonable add ons? A virus suite is a must and the letter is wrong as PC World sell the McAfee Internet suite at £24.99 with a new PC. That is half price. Buy it without a PC and it's £49.99. After looking at their machines none of them come with Nortons, only a three month trial so an Internet suite is required. A surge protector is required and at £14.99 for four sockets it is not bad. Add a printer and a scanner and that's the full four taken up. I think they would have daft to have sold anything less. Looking at their after sales service, PC Performance, I think it is quite good for the computer nieve it's no longer just a warranty. Remember just because we may know a reasonable amount about PC's it is amazing how many people don't know their Ram from their keyboards and don't want to. What is wrong is when the sales staff force the package down your throat now that makes my blood boil!For the mumber of PC's these guys sell there must be a lot of people who are happy. But we don't often hear the positive stuff about companies!!

  Dorsai 21:22 28 Nov 2004

but we do hear good stuff

click here

click here

click here

click here

I could go on, but it's not worth it.

So we here give praise where it is due, and complain when it's due.

  neko 21:34 28 Nov 2004

Hi Dorsai

I wasn't meaning this forum. I meant in general. for example the press and so on. One of the reasons I like this forum is because you get a good all round view of things. I just thought that PC Advisor's advice of upselling the extra goods as 'Bad Practice' was maybe a little unfair! But I take your point on not everyone is moaning!! :)

  Dorsai 21:44 28 Nov 2004

The press...

They are not going to publish a story:

"I bought a computer, and it worked fine"

Are they.

be a bit boring, and it would fill the whole Newspaper, listing all the others who had also bought a PC, and it also Worked Fine.

But the odd bodd who got a Bum deal, Is the odd one out, so it gets printed.

  Dorsai 21:48 28 Nov 2004

Dinner done, ME Chef. Would be in the news if dinner got burnt...

"Chef eaten By hungry Girlfriend".

So i go finish dinner, and return here 2mora.

  neko 22:43 28 Nov 2004

My God man, What the hell are you on about? I posted something to defend PC World not to be lectured by someone trying to sound almighty and superior. Get a grip. I even gave you a polite response to your first reply. Chill man

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:11 29 Nov 2004

The fact that PCW are still going shows that they must be doing something right. Some people need to get it into their heads that...............

1) The staff are there to sell stuff; call me 'Mr Statingtheobvious' but this may come as a shock to some. Given the choice of recommending AVG free or Norton one only needs the brain capacity of Homer Simpson to work out the answer It is not a gentleman's club nor a charity. The whole point of any business is to make money. If anyone puts shed loads of money into a company they expect and DESERVE high returns. If I ran a PC company and my staff did not offer an AV and a surge protector I would be giving them a rocketing. A little personal research will arm anyone buying a computer....there isa lot of talk about 'Nanny States'...well use your brains and do some research, don't whinge when you've paid £50 for products that can be had for nothing. It is your responsibility, no one else's.

2) PCW or any other large company do not hand out flyers to the staff saying 'be rude to all customers and treat them like scum. A large company has a large staff and trying to get them all enthusiastic is impossible. However judging by some of the belligerent and Drama Queen customers that I have witnessed at PCW I am afraid that if I worked there I would have been banged up for chinning a few.

3) Surprisingly they can be reasonably priced but some people need to get real and realise that the stores are in highly rated and rented areas. they have a large staff and they are not a warehouse in some godforsaken, state/local Govt. aided area. These warehouses can operate with much less staff cover.

4) England is a nation of little shopkeepers too ready to knock large companies and enterprise. use a local computer builder for local people but just because they are local does not mean they are good. I do not use local suppliers around here for anything for many good and possibly litigious reasons. I get tired of people knocking large companies for no other reason than they are large (Microsoft)or they have taken Napoleon's words literally.

5) With PCW et al, you can buy the stuff off the shelf and take it home with you. You pay extra for this (surprise, surprise, shock horror. Our local butcher is cheaper (and much better) than the supermarkets but you pay through the hooter for their conveniently packed meat and for not witnessing someone hack your chosen cut off a dead beast.

6) It always brings a wry smile to my face when people get all 'I'm never using XYZ again' when they read of an event from someone they have never met physically, on a forum. It is 'because it is on the Net, it is true' syndrome. Personally I prefer real experience not cyber experience. If these people translated this to the rest of their lives they would never buy anything from anyone, as EVERY company has had some complaints.

Apart from that I generally agree with neko.


I think that subconsciously, the biggest problem the computer literate have is that PCW is often more expensive than most other places.However, as has been said you could look and feel the items, and take them away on the spot without having to take a day off work to receive delivery.
A computer I have just built for a client had a particular LCD monitor amongst the specifications.I found just such a model in PCW at £50 more than my trade price list.However - I was able to see the monitor working, and happily could see no dead pixels. This alone was worth the premium, as I know I will not get any customer complaints in this area.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:43 29 Nov 2004

PCW were recently flogging Samsung laser printer for £49.99....this was £30 cheaper than ay net company. When comparing Net prices people often forget to take postage into account.


  Forum Editor 17:32 29 Nov 2004

in GANDALF <|:-)>'s 10:11 post sums up my own view on this.

So much so, that I have nothing to add - which must be a first.

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