GANDALF <|:-)> 14:02 27 Mar 2005

I've been trying the new Deepnet explorer and am finding it to be excellent click here It is a 4Mb download and integrates automatically with your favourites etc. Running Avant, IE and Deepnet together poses no problems. It has tabbed browsing, a choice of one or 4 together search engines, anti-phishing for the security concious, pop-up blocker etc. and many other features. Worth a try for the curious and free so nothing to lose.


  g0slp 14:26 27 Mar 2005

Thanks GANDALF <|:-)>, will give it a go.


  plsndrs3 17:23 27 Mar 2005

Thanks GANDALF <|:-)>, downloading now.

As you say, nothing to lose by trying!



  plsndrs3 18:24 27 Mar 2005

Can't see that it integrates with Firefox - but then sgouldn't really expect that. Manually entering Favourites is not too much hassle anyhow. Like the tabbed effect, password manager as in F/F and the form complete as well as the fact that you can get the browser to automatically open multple pages from start. But no themes to alter the appearance?

Not yet convinced to let go of Firefox - but that's unfair as I haven't really used it yet. Will do so over the next few days to give it a fair crack of the whip.

Thanks for the recommendation.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:10 27 Mar 2005

Skins, from the creator of deepnet and I tend to agree with him.......'We believe there are more important aspects of DE that can be improved upon before we start to consider the aesthetics of DE'. ;-))

click here ...more views.

You can have 2 or more browsers running at the same time for an unscientific comparison. I think the news feature is the best that I have seen. :-)))



  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:11 27 Mar 2005

Hmmmm...when I loaded it it just took all my favourites and copied them into it's favs but then again it is IE based.


  plsndrs3 19:35 27 Mar 2005

GANDALF <|:-)>,

I realise that looks aren't always everything [as the wife tells me :o)], but with its interface being so different I was grabbed by F/Fox from loading it the first time - then I noticed the tabs, speed, integrated bits & bobs, etc. It's just that I don't feel this way at the moment about Deepnet - sorry. It looks like a clone of IE and, with just a little bit more it could stand out in its own right. Don't get me wrong as I haven't made a decision as to whether to ditch F/Fox but I believe that the look of a product can be as important as its functionality - just read the software reviews in PCA et al & you'll see what I mean.

I said that I would give Deepnet a trial and I will, no matter what my initial thoughts are. After all, it's not worth losing a good program because it doesn't look the best. It's just that, as an example, I ditched IE the moment I first launched Firefox.

Time will tell ......



  jimv7 19:49 27 Mar 2005

Thankyou GANDALF <|:-)> I see that it also has a built in p2p application for Gnutella, taken from its help files, "Search scores of files shared by millions of other users across the Gnutella network",

  plsndrs3 21:36 27 Mar 2005

I never loaded that part as I am personally wary of Gnutella and so on.

  mbp 22:25 27 Mar 2005

This is probably one of the most important functions to be introduced into Deepnet Explorer to reduce Internet Banking Fraud. I wonder when the Banks will recognize Deepnet and allow it for internet banking?

How do you delete unwanted Tabs? i.e. how do you delete it from Deepnet?

I am just finding my way around Deepnet. It is not as intuitive as Firefox, but I can see the Security Features which make it superior. See:
click here
a summarized description.

  jimv7 22:53 27 Mar 2005

On restarting my computer (xp pro sp2) I was asked for my password, strange I thought, as I am the only user, on checking user accounts a 2nd account has appeared, has anyone else had this with installing deepnet.

I also checked with a friend and he has had the same user account since deepnet was installed.

A scan with avg/a2/spybot/ms antispy has not found any nasties.

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