Debit card fraud

  martd77 12:50 23 Mar 2007

Few weeks back i had £9 removed fraudulently from my account,after contacting my bank they stopped the account and sent me a new card and passed the details onto the retail fraud offices.The money was taken to purchase something from a company in cardiff,they confirmed to me that the number on the card was correct but my personal details(name etc) didnt match up to the customers.
Ive been credited today the £9 back into my account and the case is closed im told the card details have been taken from a purchase ive used over the internet but they couldnt give details.
I only use a debit card with 2 online companys both of which are "secure sites" because payment is only small anything bigger i use my credit card.
Should i be asking my bank for compensation over this matter?
Im amazed how my details have been used yet thankful it wasnt a large amount.

  1832bchs 13:43 23 Mar 2007

The same thing happened to me recently only with my credit card. The 2 amounts involved came to less than £10, one was only for 68p!!! ,neither instance was in the UK.
The bank sorted it out but all they said when I asked how it had happened was "it's the internet, if they want to get your details they can, it happens".

  anchor 13:44 23 Mar 2007

As you have had the £9 refunded into your account, I don`t think you would be justified in asking for compensation.

  keef66 14:23 23 Mar 2007

I'm on my third Barclaycard in 12 months. I was apparently online gambling to the tune of $500 while I was having my gallbladder removed last May.
New card.
Then I got a call from Barclaycard fraud prevention on boxing day. I was still in bed, but I appeared to be dabbling in online dating (my wife was surprised!) and making multiple online purchases of electrical good from Argos and elsewhere.
Nother new card.

It's all part of life's rich tapestry!

My wife's had her credit card stolen!
Have you reported it?
Bugger off, the thief's spending less than she did!

  grumpygramp 15:06 23 Mar 2007

I like the Halifax way of doing online purchases .you get diverted from the store to Halifax direct and then have to give an online pin before they approve the transaction .It does not happen with every store ,but it appears most stores are signing up with the system now .I believe several other Banks are looking to do the same .

  The Brigadier 16:15 23 Mar 2007

4 garages near my parents in Surrey have been found out to be making 'extra' purchases with peoples credit cards. Not surprising that all 4 garages are now not doing much business at the moment!!!!

  spuds 17:15 23 Mar 2007

Because a website is classed as secure, it doesn't mean that internal or outside theft is not possible. For the bank to provide a quick response to the problem, they must have found where the possible breach of trust occurred.

I don't see how you can ask for compensation, the bank as corrected the problem. It wasn't their fault that this suspect transaction for £9.00 materialised, and as stated the problem or error was soon corrected.

  jorel 02:10 24 Mar 2007

My beloved and I spend our winters in Hungary as she is Hungarian. If you have a bank account in Hungary the banks take your mobile phone number. Every time a purchase or withdrawel is made from your debit / credit card your bank's computer instantly sends a text to your mobile to tell you that the card is being used, and for how much. Now why can't UK banks do that?

  Forum Editor 08:12 24 Mar 2007

that your card details were used fraudulently, but I'm intrigued to hear that they were able to tell you "the card details have been taken from a purchase ive used over the internet" because there's no way they would know that. It's definitely a possibility, but your card details could equally well have been taken by someone at any of the places you used your card - petrol stations, restaurants, etc.

  Forum Editor 08:15 24 Mar 2007

It's a good idea, but the Hungarian system tells you after the transaction if I'm not mistaken, so there's no way it can be stopped.

Some UK banks are now using the Password protection system with Credit cards for online purchases. With this system you have your own password, and must use it before any online transaction will be authorised. It's a bit like a PIN, and is designed to prevent card fraud on the internet.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:41 24 Mar 2007

Personally I would be keeping my eye on my credit/debit cards whenever I purchased petrol or inn a restaurant. Skimming cards happens a lot more than people think and I would put this a sht ecause rather than the details being culled from the Internet.


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