Death by Parcelforce

  jimmylove 17:05 26 Mar 2003

The most extraordinary experience that although not computer related does, I think, bear repeating.
March 14th I sent a package with merchandise in it to my sister in Nepal. The guy at the post office says they can only use Parcelforce Worldwide as it weighs over 3KG. fair enough. I pay £80 for guaranteed delivery within 9 working days (they include Sundays as a working day I was told and usually deliver within 5 days). Again, fine so far.
I called a week later and was told it was in Kathmandu but not delivered yet - would be delivered on or before Tuesday 25th. I called yesterday to be told that they had no idea where the package was, that actually 9 working days would be today (Wednesday) because they don't count the 1st Sunday (?) and the day it was paid for as working days. They would put a search on it and call within 2 hours (before 11am). 4.30pm I call having heard nothing, to be told that it doesn't look like it has even left the UK yet, but the woman I spoke to at 9am hadn't put the search request through so they'd look into it and call me back. At no stage was any apology offered. I asked to speak to a supervisor because the woman I was speaking to was incredibly abrupt completely unaplogetic, and seemed very disinterested in the whole thing. She also completely ignored the questions I asked her (a novel experience to me: me: "So why was the search not put in place?"
her: "What was the address it's going to?"
me: " I said why was the search not in place earlier"
her: "Where was the package going to?" etc etc...

When the supervisor came on the phone I asked for her poermission to record the call just so we could have a clear record of the converstaion later, if necessary. She refused immediately and said she'd hang up if I started to record the call. She wouldn't explain why. So I didn't and again, no apology, no explanation.

Left it that someone would call me later on (yeah, right) and will look into this further.

These people are every bit as bad as their reputation. £80 to deliver a few magazines and chocolates to Nepal. Nearly 2 weeks later and no one knows where it is, no one seems to care, and no explanation or apology forthcoming.

Rant over. I'll update when I know what's happening.

  Ellie3009 17:30 26 Mar 2003

I have to say I'm not overly surprised.

I have a friend currently living near Berlin, and her mail from the UK has been "vanishing" since Xmas. 3 parcels and an important letter so far undelivered, and neither Royal Mail nor Deutsche Post can offer an explanation as to where they are.

But where do these things go? Do they just fall off the back of the lorry? Or get lost under a pile of stuff in a sorting room?

  jimmylove 17:37 26 Mar 2003

anyone remember that postie in Viz...?

  Dave Bowman 18:11 26 Mar 2003

Oh do I !

Somebody I used to know in the pub was the original postie they must have modeled him on!

  Welsh Annie 18:41 26 Mar 2003

Last November I sent a banker's order for £3,500 to France using the Post Office, I was told at the Post Office I couldn't use Registered delivery or Recorded delivery because it was going outside the UK. It was lost for 6 weeks! Turns out the info was wrong about Reg and Rec.!

  Ellie3009 18:50 26 Mar 2003

Oh dear.
I've just realised that the books I am waiting for, urgently needed for a dissertation, were posted registered parcel-post in France and will therefore be delivered by Parcel-Farce.
Wonder if I will ever see them?

  spuds 22:14 26 Mar 2003

Similar problems with missing post to/from South America,since last September.Now use DHL, without any problems.Their tracking service works, which is free at the moment, but it is shortly to transfer to a charged service.

  Stuartli 10:07 27 Mar 2003

Nomatica sent a replacement £750 digital camcorder from the south of France by post (the firm refused to send it by courier) early last December.

It was being conveyed by the French post office and then the UK post office.

It's never been seen since....

No one knows whether it disappeared in the French system or the UK one and doubtless we'll never know.

But Nomatica was left to pick up the pieces as it had refused to use its normal TNT route merely because of the additional cost.

Needless to say it lost the order and I successfully reclaimed the £750 and the £50 return carriage cost for the faulty camcorder from Visa.

  g0slp 11:20 27 Mar 2003

I work at sea, & have many stories about courier companies fouling up.

2 classics - we were bound for Dakar, Senegal, so ship's mail was sent from UK to (as we thought) the agent in Dakar. Ship gets there, mail doesn't. Mail eventually turns up at next port, Zeebrugge, 2 weeks later after trace put on it. Turns out that it went to DACCA, Bangladesh! Needless to say, it had been well "rifled" by the time we got it.

The second really good mix-up happened when we were at Maracaibo, Venezuela. Mail coming from UK again, ended up in PAPEETE, of all places!. It was returned to UK & resent; this time it ended up in Mauritius! Talk about globetrotting!

My company has tried them all over the years, & as I say, they're all the same.

Still, I don't think anything's ended up like Tom Hanks yet...............

Cheers all


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