Dear Agony Aunt, why was I dumped? Sky TV

  dagnammit 22:21 27 Nov 2008

As a faithful provider of entertainment my dependants just upped and left. It's been over 2 months and I decided I wanted answers so I called the other party up and asked them. They said my peers could offer them more than I could - I just can't see how!

Your faithfully

Sky TV

OK I ditched sky over 2 months ago after debating with them on the phone over services. Virgin offered huge value....

Basically I'm:

a. saving a fortune per year with Virgin
b. saved £££ on install costs v+hd against sky+hd

So I out of the blue got a call from Sky this evening asking why I left them....

Cos you're too expensive, arrogant towards existing customers and I get better service from the competition!

The call ended quickly.

  naineysman 18:01 28 Nov 2008

likewise yesterday, they are not happy. UNLIKE me :-))

  Terry Brown 21:21 28 Nov 2008

I have been with VIrgin (Blueyonder) since it started, and the service keeps getting better (Especially after Virgin took it over), the TV signal is good ( most of the time),broadband fast and consistant speed, and Telephone clear as a (telephone) bell.
On the rare occasions you do get a problem, they normally sort it out from their end or send an engineer down at a time slot you choose, and yes they do arrive in that time slot or if running late, they will call you to ley=t you know.

  tullie 06:17 29 Nov 2008

Ive no problems with sky,cant get virgin anyway,quite happy with my free broadband and sktalk.

  laurie53 07:53 29 Nov 2008

I've been with Sky for years too.

Given the chance I would dump them tomorrow.

Unfortunately, as in many rural areas, they are in a monopoly situation here.

  BT 08:30 29 Nov 2008

I agree, I've been with Virgin/NTL/Cable&Wireless/Videotron for many years. There have been very few problems in all that time, except when I moved from London to Norwich, and when the problem was identified they sent out an engineer in the evening to install my services
A few weeks ago I had THREE different people knock on my door on the same day trying to get me to take up SKY. I asked the last one who knocked at 8pm for the name and contact number of whoever was employing her and the number she gave me was entirely fictitious.

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