Dealing with website orders & items lost in post!

  twoshoes 16:06 17 May 2004

I ordered a graphics card costing £266.00 through a website (click here. After I organised a money transfer, they recieved the money on 20th April 2004. They said they would dispatch the product on 27th April (but only after I prompted them with an email!). After a while my product still did not arrive so I informed them. After a procedure of spurious emails (that do not instill confidence!) that range from 'we sent it to the wrong address' to 'we sent it but it hasn't been returned to us' I still have not received it. Is there a waiting period before I can call it time and ask for a refund? It is very frustrating as well when I can only communicate ith this company via email. Their telephone number is exdirectory! Sometimes I do not know if anyone is paying attention at the other end. Any suggestions anyone? Please!

  961 16:34 17 May 2004

Well a little bit digging shows that it seems to be a big enough company

The address seems to be

Avnet Applied Computing Ltd
54 Burnham Lane
Telephone 0162 860 6060
Fax 0162 860 6061

Why not try a call to the M.D's P.A?

  twoshoes 17:00 17 May 2004

I've spoke to Avnet Applied Limited and they deny any relationship with the website company. They seem quite elusive. I've contacted Trading Standards now. Maybe they can shed some light on them - and my 266 quid. They may even discover a phone number!!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:26 17 May 2004

Please tell me that you paid by credit card.


  twoshoes 17:34 17 May 2004

No, Halifax Bank Transfer! Worried yet? I am!

  georgemac 17:39 17 May 2004

learn the lessons

1. Only purchase online from a reputable firm who you know have happy customers.

2. Always pay for goods over £100 with a credit card.

twoshoes - I hope it works out for you but if I were you I would be very worried, do you have an address even where you can write to them?

  georgemac 17:48 17 May 2004

click here a search for avnet shows 9 companies but none called avnet micro ltd, the website and the about us sounds good click here but I would always be wary of websites with no decent contact information.

Hope I'm wrong but it looks very fishy, can your bank help you by giving information on the account the money was transferred to? I doubt it but it may be worth asking the abnk, telling them you suspect fraud.

How did you get the email address - from an email confirming the order?

  961 18:32 17 May 2004

Seek help from ConsumerWatch at PC Advisor without delay

  twoshoes 19:02 17 May 2004

Yes I got the email address (and a name in Sales)from an email confirmimg the order. Obviously I've kept all the email correspondence. The Bank won't really do anything until Police or Trading Standards are involved.

A little bit more history for you. I got the website from perusing ebay. It is click here. I didn'y actually buy through the ebay member but just used the link to the site.

To be continued...

  georgemac 19:16 17 May 2004

which card did you order? I note the website does not even tell you a price until you place the order - highly unusual.

  twoshoes 19:35 17 May 2004

I ordered the Asus 9800xt limited edition. It does tell you the price. £259.00. See the ebay reference website in my posting of 17.05.04 19:02. I thought it was a good price to pay. We'll soon see!...

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