Dead pixels on TFT monitors

  furry curry muncher 23:21 18 Feb 2003

Just bought an amazing Sont TFT, everything is great except that I have already got at least one dead pixel. This appears as a rather noticeable green dot on a black background. I went for a Sony because I assumed I would get better quality but they say that due to manufacturing standards they can't replace the monitor until there are at least 5 dead pixels. Im understandably frustrated. I read about the pixel problem in PC advisor before I purchased but didn't expect to start seeing them on the first day I got it!! Anyone got any advice, suggestions? Its a sizeable green dot, is this one pixel or a cluster? How do I tell?

  Sir Radfordin™ 23:30 18 Feb 2003

Set up 4 new Dell PCs with TFTs today, one had a dead pixle so don't feel too hard done by. Informed my boss of this fact and she wasn't too happy. Had to explaina bout the ISO standards.

Unfortunatly there isn't a lot you can do unless there are, as Sony say, 5 or more. In some cases you'll get it replaced because its somehwere really obvious but thats unlikely. This is the risk with buying a TFT screen.

  rev.bem 23:33 18 Feb 2003

Ihave a TFT with one dead pixel i think it only bothers you if you let it.

  Forum Editor 23:37 18 Feb 2003

you have to accept whe purchasing a TFT monitor (or a laptop computer for that matter). It certainly is possible to make TFT screens with no dead pixels, but there's a fairly high reject rate, and the screens would cost a lot more.

Therefore each person who buys a monitor runs the risk of seeing what you can see - a dead or malfunctioning pixel, or a cluster of them.

Eventually we'll get perfect screens every time, but until then...............

Try GENTLY massaging the offending pixel with one of those cotton buds for babies. Moisten the bud slightly first, and then gently rub the affected pixel(s) with a circular action. Rub reasonably firmly, but not hard. Sometimes this can 'turn on' a malfunctioning pixel. Or make it display the right colour. There's no guarantee that this method will succeed, and you try it entirely at your own risk.

  tbh72 00:49 19 Feb 2003

Mmmmm I have two, they've alway's been there, I'll BRB im just gonna get a cotton bud!!!!

  tbh72 01:03 19 Feb 2003

K..... Guess what I tried FE's trick to no prevail, But I then struck on the bright idea of something else.

Staring across the room I notice the wifes M130... I'm thinking, stylo......

Like I said in my previous posting I have two dead pixels, slightly more technical than that. The first is more like 1 tiny Red Dot, the stylo has cleared this, the other which is more like a square of 4 Blue Dots, which sits virtually central just where the task bar meets the desktop was not cleared by the stylo, it's still there and more annoying than ever!!!!

  powerless 01:11 19 Feb 2003

Yeah dead pixels are a shame...

I have two.

One on the Taskbar which i usally do not see because the program thingeemaboo in the taskbar takes up the space.

Also i have a dead pixel in the search box of this site. Its red...

But most of the time i do not see them.

Its best not to look and you'll probably never notice them. If you have any that is!

  Spook Tooth 02:30 19 Feb 2003

Me too.

I've had my monitor for over a year now, and very shortly after buying (rather like yourself), one of the pixels stopped working. I have another now, but they are more like old friends now, and I don't notice them really, except when I look for them.

With premium screens, there's more to them than just having zero dead/malfunctioning pixels. I tell myself that I've benefitted a lot from this particular screen in other ways, and am greatful also that it's in as good a nick as it is, regarding the dreaded dead pixels. 2's not bad, and it's been a while (touch wood!).

  microswift 19:00 19 Feb 2003

The CTX S530 is guaranteed to have no dead pixels for the first three months of its life. click here

  sulley 10:23 20 Feb 2003

I got a tft screen with no dead pixels last year. Hooray! Unfortunately one of those annoying thunder flies got behind the screen during the summer through the air vents in the back of the monitor. The damn thing died right in the middle of the screen and its been there ever since. No dead pixels for me, just a dead bug! :)

  scooby03 12:44 20 Feb 2003

Just got a Samsung TFT last month and it had a dead pixel the first day I switched it on! Its not to bad being bottom left hand corner but once you know its there! Just have to live with them Im afraid its a trade off for the space youre saving........its worse if they are bang in the middle of the screen!

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