dead Epson Stylus C82?

  palinka 16:42 14 May 2005

Elderly neighbour has an epson Stylus C82, nearly 2 years old. She asked for my help because it suddenly wasn't printing. Turns out her daughter had installed a new black Cartridge (epson original)and the printing problem began the next day. A page printed immediately BEFORE the change of cartridge looked fine (so I'm not sure why she thought it needed changing)but since then print-outs were barely legible and after I'd run all the checks on it it was even worse - printed next to nothing: you can scarcely see any trace of printing on the page.
The only thread in the PCA archives is a year old, sounds a very similar problem and the answer was to buy a new printer.
I think this indicates this epson model is poor value; my neighbour has used her printer very little, surely she should expect it to last longer than 2 years. By comparison my own Canon BJC3000 is fine after 5 years of regular, quite heavy use.

  pj123 17:55 14 May 2005

Not necessarily palinka. I have had 2 C42s fail within 4 months. But that may not be the problem with the C82 printer.

From your description this looks to me like the yellow tab has not been removed from the cartridge.

Or: It hasn't been installed correctly.

To force a cartridge change with an Epson printer: Open the lid, switch the printer on and as soon as the printhead starts moving to the left pull the mains cable out from the back of the printer. Now physically move the printhead to the "change cartridge" position. Take out the black cartridge, check to see if the yellow tab has been removed. Replace the cartridge, making sure it is seated correctly and plug the power lead back in again and switch the printer on. It should now re-initialise.

  trevpearson 18:28 14 May 2005

Underneath the capping assembly is a cream coloured rubber pipe that the purged ink flows through to the waste pads. It will have become disconnected from the capping assy. It's a pain in the **** to reconnect.

Best bet is to remove the top cover and then the base cover (screws) and gain access that way.


  Sans le Sou 21:39 14 May 2005

Think pj123 is right, you need to tear off the tape to let atmospheric pressure in.

  Sans le Sou 21:43 14 May 2005

If all looks ok you may need to clean the heads 2 or 3 times then print a nozzle check.

  palinka 22:30 14 May 2005

thank you all; that sounds promising - I hope to try it out tomorrow. I'll let you know the outcome.

  palinka 16:30 15 May 2005

Spent most of this afternoon on this with no success: Banding on the Print check is so bad that the page is virtually illegible, marginally better when printing black only, but really scarcely any difference. No sign of a yellow tab;I followed the rest of pj123's instructions, cleaned the print head two or three times then it refused to print a nozzle check because out of magenta ink. Other colours are also indicated as very low, tho not yet out of ink entirely. So I can't go further down that line at present. I'm wondering whether to buy new cartridges for all colours, as they will all run out during further cleaning/nozzle checks. But is it worth it? given that the best solution MAY be a new printer? and would it therefore be better to buy compatibles (a lot cheaper)to carry out these checks? I've tried what trevpearson suggested, but after removing the only 2 screws I could find ( at the back, one on each side) i couldn't remove top or base cover - any further advice please, trevpearson? Or do I just take it down to the tip?

  palinka 19:10 15 May 2005

Tho I can't remove base i've managed to examine the rubber tube mentioned by trevpearson and it seems to be firmly attached in the correct places.

  Sharpamatt 07:01 21 May 2005

The problem may well be that its not often been used, Epson with built in heads are alledgally prone to blockages, if not run regually,

After three cleaning runs, always try a test print, as repeated cleaning can cause problems, but I would say its blocked heads,due to lack of use,

There have over the years been many forums covering this, but its down to a lot of time or a new printer.

I would not recommend turning off power when the head gets to a certian position as a means to change cartridges,Epson have an installed maintance system that lets it do it without the risks of shutting off the power.

Printers, properties,printing preferances, then maintance, if its been installed correctley, you get options to cover all the maintance you require.

  Sans le Sou 10:14 21 May 2005

But this will not park the heads so you can get the carts out if the carts are not empty.

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