data recovery at pc world

  paulhis777 12:33 26 Jul 2009

hello need help please
last week i took my pc into pc world to have the data i lost from my D DRIVE recoverd i have 1000`s of photo`s and letters, video`s they made it sound easy saying there would be no problem in the recovery got it back sat, very dissapointed
the data i had was around 150gb
they only recoverd around 300mb !
many zip files that won`t open
so i phoned them up they said to fetch it back in they have had it for a week now !
they said it took 72 hours to recover my data now they say they will do a full recovery ? will that work any help please
thank you paul

  dagnammit 13:35 26 Jul 2009

How did you lose the data?

  paulhis777 01:22 27 Jul 2009

Hi thanks for your reply
I did not want to go on and on in my first post
I have c drive and d drive so as back up I put all my photo’s and video clips and files to d drive for back up I do have a 500gb external drive also for back up my child has been ill so unable to make back up to my 500gb drive any way 2 weeks ago pc went down I could not restore my pc back to factory setting which I have done myself 3 times before
So I phone the tech guys £1.50 a min!!!!!
He guided me into dos to delete partition 1 he then told me to delete partition 2
But he told me to delete so I did !!!!
So I did restore my pc to factory setting but when I went into drive D all my files where gone I was soooo mad phoned them strait back they told me to take my pc to pc world for data recovery which they had for 5 days I know I had some 150gb of data on that drive 3gb came back ?
Not at all happy so phoned them back they have asked me to take my pc back to them
Been told I have a 200gb drive which is mirrored around 35gb on drive C 160gb on drive D
I don’t know but feel the recovery was stopped perhaps it would of took them to long ?
Because they are over 5,000 files on the folder they have created for me but only 300 photo’s are they Many zip files which cannot be open ? Which are around 2mb to 8 mb
They where so sure it was possible to recover my files
Is it possible or not
Many thanks paul

  dagnammit 10:04 27 Jul 2009

"Been told I have a 200gb drive which is mirrored around 35gb on drive C 160gb on drive D"

Mirrored? You mean partitioned into two?

So you:

1. Deleted the partitions.

2. Formatted in DOS?

3. Restored your computer via factory settings (puts everything back via an HDD image).

  paulhis777 21:48 27 Jul 2009

pc world are totaly aware what i was told to do
by the tech guys !
took it to pc world they said no prolblem in getting back my data to me i got back nothing
it took them 72 hours to scan drive D
if they did ?
and another 72 hours to put it back ?
are you thinking it would be inpossable to retrive my data as i have paid them £60
it should of been £99 but i made a fuss about the tech guy
who told me to delate partition 2
well they have my pc now see what happens next i just need to know if i`m in my right to ask for my money back
i`m starting to wonder if he delate that drive on perpass so i would have to take to pc world in that way making money !!!who knows
thanks paul

  dagnammit 23:47 27 Jul 2009

"are you thinking it would be inpossable to retrive my data"

That's what I was trying to establish by asking about the order of events. If my understanding of the events is correct most of the data will have been overwritten a few times and the only real possibility is the stuff on the "end" of the disk.

They are really only capable of recovering accidentally deleted files, or from a corrupted drive. They put your hardrive into one of their computers and use commercially available data recovery software. If the data has been overwritten several times they have no chance. You're talking specialists to get it back and despite what PCW and Techguys say... they aren't specialists. If they were they wouldbn't be charging £99 but £££s

  Forum Editor 23:59 27 Jul 2009

all the files that were on it will have been lost, and only a specialist data recovery company will be able to retrieve them, and even that isn't 100% certain.

You say you have an external drive as a back up, but you didn't back anything up to it, is that correct?

Backing up files to a different partition on the same physical drive is a very bad idea - if the drive fails you may lose everything, regardless of the partitions things are in.

  paulhis777 00:35 29 Jul 2009

in that case if pc world can`t retrive my data back do i have a good case to demand my money back after all theu said they could !!!!!
thank you paul

  dagnammit 09:07 29 Jul 2009

You can certainly try.

You can try to demand it back, but more than likely the answer will be no.

I work part time as a Technician at PC World (don't hate me) and the terms of the Data Recovery service are usually that you can only get a refund if they can recover absolutely NO data.
You said that they have recovered about 300MB of data, and so they'll likely say you can't have a refund as they did recover something, and the data recovery isn't guaranteed to recover everything, or recover the things you wanted.

But you can certainly give it a try, but just don't go in expecting to walk out with your money back.

  WolframBlitzen 04:20 02 Aug 2009

I have said this to people time and time again, no one ever seems to listen but I'm going to give it a shot anyway: back up your data BEFORE somthing goes wrong.

I've fell into this one myself where I've thought "It's never going to happen to me" and "I'll do it tomorrow" guess what? The backups never got done, and the only thing that allowed me to avoid loseing my data when I managed to corrupt windows was to boot the computer using a Linux Live disk and pull the data off that way.

as for getting your money back; The terms of the data recovery service are that if the company can't recover the data you asked for then you are entitled to your money back

HOWEVER; if you went in saying "I want all the data off my D: drive" without atleast giving them some idea of what they are looking for, which the paper work that you signed will soon proove, then you haven't got a leg to stand on.

This whole problem could have been avoided if you'd not put all your eggs in one basket, and kept regular backups. "My son was sick" is not an excuse since copying your data from one place to another takes all of about 12 seconds of human intervention, then the computer does the rest. This could have easily been done in the morning before your child got up or at night after they have gone to bed. You can even set the process going over night and leave it running while you get some sleep youself because guess what? the computer is a machine. It will work quite happily without you unless somthing goes wrong that requires another 2 seconds of human intervention.

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