data encryption/protection software

  sdf 21:42 21 Sep 2004

is anyone aware of a (modestly priced hopefully) program that will password protect entire folders on your hard disk? I have found plenty that will password protect files so they cannot be opened, but it is still possible to navigate all to the file. I want something that I can put all my restriced documents in one folder the contents of which cannot be viewed without entering a password, but once accessed the files are not passworded - does this make any sense??!? I'd appreciate any thoughts. thanks

  Diodorus Siculus 07:53 22 Sep 2004

click here

E4M is an on-the-fly disk encryption product. What this means is create a volume on your hard disk, CDROM, floppy or other media which is essentially just a normal file. The file however is in fact a file system itself. It contains all the structures needed by your operating system to recognise the file as a file system of a particular type such as FAT or NTFS. This is called a "file hosted volume". Or you could choose a blank or unwanted partition on a local hard disk or floppy disks and format it using E4M. You can then mount this new encrypted volume, and use it like you would any other drive. This is called a "Raw partition volume". To your operating system, these new volumes will work exactly like your C drive, or any other drive on your system.

  Yokel 12:39 22 Sep 2004

The free part of PGP has a 'self decrypting archive' facility which does what you want.
The password should be a strong passphrase. Advice on this is available in PGP help - think long and hard about a phrase you will always remember and also remember to delete the initial un-encrypted folder !

I use this method to keep financial etc files backed up from one PC to another on a small network.

If you are less technically minded, Steganos have a product called Safe 5.0 (or newer now!) that is simplicity itself.

Offers strong encryption folder into which you drops all files and folders that you want to protect. Very easy to use and setup, i love it.

  sdf 13:26 22 Sep 2004

securing financial records is my motivation too, i operate a "paperless office" where everything is scanned and then shredded (apart from stuff I need to keep obvoiusly). I recently got a little scared when a colleague of mine who operates a similar system to me had his entire identity stolen, bank records everything from what could only have been his home machine (as it was the ONLY place all the information the fraudsters had was is one place). fearing the same fate I am acting pre-emptivly! unfortunately the only place I can find that stocks Safe 6.0 is dabs and they dont have any - ill keep looking

  Stuartli 14:29 22 Sep 2004

PC Advisor's November issue cover disk includes the Auscomp Fort Knox 4.0 files encryption and protection utility.

  sdf 14:37 22 Sep 2004

I had a look at that but it still leaves a "ghost" of the files there - I do not want people to be able to even see the stuff is there in the first place without entering the password. Thanx anyway

  Diodorus Siculus 16:38 22 Sep 2004

E4M which I pointed to this morning creates a file - as big as you want - which can then be "mounted" as a removable drive. When unmounted, set the attributes to hidden and it will not show up.

I realise that it is not perfect, but it is free and it will keep out the casual browser. That, plus the strong encryption will mean that it is pretty much as secure as you will get.

  sdf 16:54 22 Sep 2004

Diodorus Siculus - I'll have a look at that tonight - I wasnt ignoring your post, and thank you for your input. (being lazy I know instead of looking myself!!) Do you know if they have a website or something I could download it from?

  Urotsukidoji 17:32 22 Sep 2004

sorry if i sound daft, but if you are using XP, then you already have a data encryption system in XP, why not use that?

Its simple to set up, simple to use, no need to bother downloading/ finding/ using other software

  Diodorus Siculus 18:31 22 Sep 2004

sdf - simply click on my click here which has a direct download link.

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