Daily.co.uk - Anyone use them? WARNING

  AngeTheHippy 08:33 08 May 2009

Morning Chaps,

For the past 20 months I've been using the above named provider to handle my email.

Probably along with the rest of the internet community, about 18 months ago I started to receive spam by the bucket load each day, most from Banking organisations. Still do but filtered now.

Things got MUCH worse about 3 months back - any messages I sent to email addys with a BT address were being returned, necessitating me to transmit it 2, 3 or 4 times HOPING at least one of them gets delivered - either that, or ditch all friends/family members that use BT...

Last week, the same thing started to happen with TISCALI email addys. They're being returned too.

According to the advisor at Daily.co.uk, Tiscali are about to lift the bar - hopefully no more ** YOUR ADDRESS/IP IS BLACKLISTED** returned messages. BT however, he stated won't even TALK/DISCUSS with Daily.co.uk, so it seems the bar will continue. He went on to explain it's all because 2 of their customers sent out loads of spam.

What do I do??? Suffer?? I bought my domain name from them and as it's quite unique, I don't want to lose it although I think I can use another email provider and still use it can't I ?


  Forum Editor 23:17 08 May 2009

you may host it with any hosting company you like. If all you want to do is use it for email just sign up for a basic hosting package with one of the well-known, reliable companies and transfer your name over to your new account.

If you need any help with the mechanics of doing this just ask, and I'll step you through the process.

  AngeTheHippy 21:48 09 May 2009

and thanks for your very kind offer to help me with the email hosting problem I have.

I took out (or rented??)both ' xxx.net ' and email hosting with Daily.co.uk 2 years ago in August. I don't know how to leave Daily and take the xxx.net with me. Can you advise with this please? I also have no idea which email hosting company to go with.
Thank you,
Ange x

  Forum Editor 23:23 09 May 2009

saying that you should sign up for a starter hosting pack with a reliable hosting company. In the case of a .net name (which yours is) you should initiate the transfer at least a month before any renewal date, or you may find that the name cannot be transferred until after the renewal. You should ask your existing host to unlock the domain for transfer, and to issue you with an authorisation key, or EPP code. You'll need to provide your new host with the code before the transfer can take place.

Once that's done you can set up and use mailboxes in your new hosting account.

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