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  Freddie911 09:36 13 Jan 2003
  Freddie911 09:36 13 Jan 2003

Responding to one of Mesh's advertisements in the Daily Mail before Christmas I ordered a Matrix XP 2400+ on the 28th. of December (buy now pay later)and have a printed confirmation.

The next day a woman phoned from Mesh Sales and spoke to my wife who told her I was out. The Mesh woman said that she would phone later the same day but did not. I have heard nothing since.

I sent Mesh an email early last week but it has been ignored.

Is Mesh still in business?!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:00 13 Jan 2003

Why don't you give them a phone call to find out what has happened to your order? At least you will get an instant reply as the sales lines are usually easy to get through. ;-)


  MESH Response 10:35 13 Jan 2003

If you could supply your name and address with postcode to [email protected], we will contact you concerning your confirmation.


MESH Response

  Sir Radfordin™ 11:11 13 Jan 2003

Looks like Mesh are alive and was as expected...!

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