dabs.com won't accept return

  daveyh 23:02 20 Feb 2006

I purchased a USB video capture card costing £73 from dabs.com. When it arrived I realised that it is for a Mac and not compatable with my PC. I have tried to return it but they won't have it back, even though the box is unopened. They say the reason why I can't return it is because I registerd with them as a business cusomer. Can they legally not accept returned goods if they are unopened?

  Stuartli 23:35 20 Feb 2006

There seems to be a bit more than meets the eye here - if you registered as a business customer were you eligible to do so?

Providing a genuine error was made on your part or the information supplied about the capture card was incorrect, most retailers would willingly change it for the correct version (you might have to meet the shipping costs).

Otherwise I can't really see whether you are a standard or business customer makes any difference to your consumer rights.

  spuds 23:54 20 Feb 2006

Dabs could well be right.There is something in consumer law which covers the rights of business and public purchases. The same applies to vat registrations. To make sure, I would take advice from ConsumerDirect click here

  daveyh 00:18 21 Feb 2006

Stuartli, yes I have my own business, I was also happy to meet any shipping costs. I also told them that I would happily purchase the compatable item from them; obviously this will no longer be the case.

I was also looking to spend quite a bit more money with them, but that will not happen now. I'm sure that I will be able to sell the item elsewhere, so at the end of the day I think that they will loose out.

  daveyh 00:20 21 Feb 2006

Thanks spuds, I will give them a call in the morning and let you know how I get on.

  €dstowe 07:02 21 Feb 2006

I have business accounts with a number of suppliers (although not dabs) and I have never had any problems like this.

If I've ordered something in error, I have never had any problems getting an exchage, replacement or refund - often it's easier than being a persoanl customer. Likewise, if one of my customers orders in error, I will do my best to rectify things. It's called good business relations.

dabs may well be technically and legally correct but, their attitude, if correct, shows a very poor relationship with their customers and you may be better shopping elsewhere.

  Stuartli 13:15 21 Feb 2006

As I've often stated, my best mate runs an independent audio/visual/appliances outlet.

He buys stock and business related items from a wide variety of manufacturers, wholesalers and distributers.

As you can imagine, some items proved faulty or damaged and arrangements are immediately made for them to be replaced or a refund or credit provided.

Any supplier of any type who failed to meet their obligations would quickly find themselves in a difficult position as word soon gets around in the trade about such reactions.

As my mate is a member of a buying group which covers more than 700 UK retail outlets (bigger than any high street chain), along with regional business associations, such suppliers would soon suffer a serious loss of sales.

So the Dabs reaction is somewhat surprising and, I would suggest, seemingly out of order.

Mind you, having dealt with Dabs for some 17 or 18 years, from the time it was based in Leyland.......

  daveyh 13:26 21 Feb 2006

I sent them a message yesterday informing them what I thought abuout their cusotmer service and that I WAS going to spend more money with them.

I got a reply today saying


Your comments have been noted."

That was it.

  spuds 17:22 21 Feb 2006

daveyh--Just put dabs in the search box, possibly worth a browse!.

  sputnick 09:11 22 Feb 2006

Having started the thread re. Dabs.com I now use
click here after both e mailing them and speaking on the phone to asertain their policy on returns and also being able to speak to them.
So far they have been very good.

  HondaMan 11:11 22 Feb 2006

The lack of telephone contact is the ony thing I have against Dabs. In the event that you need to know something more about an item than is shown on their website, you have to spend time searching for it yourself. That's OK if you know the manufacturer, but sometimes you don't, or it may be an obscure trading name only.

Apart from that, they are great to deal with.

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