Dabs.com and return of faulty goods

  Tessa348 15:19 13 Jun 2003

I took delivery of a Liteon CDRW last Friday afternoon for a new computer build with many other components. I set about making this yesterday only to have great problems with this CDRW drive that would not operate for more than 45 seconds. All drivers, wiring slaves and masters fully compliant, checked many times in a frustrating day. Fortunately installation of DVD drive enabled me to get the operating system and other drivers onto to the system. (After substituting the Liteon model for another borrowed from older pc, everything worked perfectly) On notifying Dabs.com of faulty CDRW I was disconcerted to receive e-mail telling me that they will return to manufacturer for repair even though I have had it just 7 days upon return which will cost £7.95 at my own expense. This is where it becomes not so economic buying from the likes of Dabs.com

  Rayuk 18:16 13 Jun 2003

Tell them you want a replacement or your money back.

  tooks 21:30 13 Jun 2003

I am also having dreadful dealings with dabs.com. I ordered and got very quickly an HP Pavilion PC for an elderly friend, and within 3 days the HD gave up the ghost. After a week of frequent e-mails they eventually gave me a return number to go back directly to HP. Now it appears to have vanished. Through certain contacts via my work, I have ascertained that HP have refunded dabs.com for the PC, but nearly 2 weeks later, I have heard nothing. More e-mails to dabs "Customer Service" ( I use the term very lightly) all I get is the customary automated reply, that my e-mail will be responded to within 4 hours. Guess what? Ater 36 hours, and including an e-mail to their MD, I still have heard nothing. So what do I do next? Can I demand my money back?
It seems to me, that a web based company such as dabs, can literally put 2 fingers up to the consumer, because they can choose whether or not to reply to an e-mail. You cannot contact them by phone.

  rins36 23:31 13 Jun 2003

tooks and mike350

Others on here may disagree with me but I would contact your local trading standards office either by letter or phone, make sure u keep a copy of the letter sent with all relevant details. Then re contact dabs & tell them that you have been in contact with trading standards.

Trading Standards will keep a record of what u have told them & give u a reference number should u need to contact them again re the situ

  bfoc 23:43 13 Jun 2003

Questioned dabs about this?

When I was acting for a friend with a faulty printer I was originally told to contact the manufacturer, but when I pointed out to them that it was their legal repsonsibility they replied saying I could return it for a replacement or a refund.

In fact the manufacturer offered and engineer's call within 2 days and replaced the printer anyway.

The CD does not work correctly, it is dabs responsibility to sort it out and they should be told so ASAP. You shold not have to pay anything and are not in any way obliged to accept a repair and I would certainly not do so.

  tooks 19:11 14 Jun 2003

Yep, I agree with you, I should contact Trading Standards. Next working day that's what I do. Unfortunately, it means I have to mail dabs again, and get another of their meaningless auto replies. It almost makes you wish you were hanging on a phone listening to Vivaldi!!
Sorry Tessa348, I seemto have hijacked you. I really should have started a new subject

  fitshase 20:57 15 Jun 2003

Interesting to note on Dabs.com:-

Warranty Repairs: After one month of ownership the legal right to a free replacement or refund ends, and instead the fault is repaired under warranty. Repairs are not carried out by dabs.com. In fact we send them to the manufacturer for repair, via the intermediate wholesaler from which we obtained them. This process often adds up to two weeks to the turnaround time, so we always recommend in these cases that you deal directly with the manufacturer.

Notice the first line - "After one month of ownership the legal right to a free replacement or refund ends, and instead the fault is repaired under warranty".

I would put this to Dabs and ask for you legally entitled refund or replacement.



  Chris the Ancient 08:55 16 Jun 2003

How often we see complaints about dabs.com and their returns procedures (or lack of). I have also been a victim in the past.

These complaints do appear with constant regularity with no seeming effect.

A thought for Forum Ed as you trawl through...
Tell dabs to get there act together or you'll give their advertising space to someone else who gets good reports! Seriously, is there any form of sanction that can be applied to companies that feature so regularly in the 'complaints section'?


  Tessa348 21:27 20 Jun 2003

A big thankyou to all who have responded to this initial posting. I did inform Dabs of my rights as a consumer and felt happier having the confirmation from pc enthusiasts to my discussion message that I was ok in doing so. I have returned the faulty drive to Dabs.com and am now awaiting their response. I will take the advice that readers have given re - Trading Standards if I have no joy with Dabs.com but will give them the opportunity to do the right thing.
Cheers to all of you

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