dabs.com refused to refund...

  barnettgs 13:23 11 Mar 2004

I have a problem with joybee 120 mp3 player. It simply doesn't work with my computer due to failing usb connection and impossible to download songs to it. Funny though, it worked ok on friend's computer. I have tried installing via chipset driver, usb driver and even reinstalling windows 98SE, no luck. So I have decided to ask dabs.com to take it back and refund it because I have decided it is an incompatible problem. But...

They e-mailed me like this:

Apologies as the Distance Selling Regulation states that we have to be informed within 7 days if an item is unsuitable for a customer and we have extended this as a good will gesture to 10 days. As you are outside of this then we cannot accept the return on this occasion.

See the link below for further information.

click here

I have no idea but I did not say that it is 'unsuitable' for me as I was pointing out to incompatible problem therefore my mp3 player is unusable! Also the problem was that I opened joybee about 2 weeks after I have received it so I'm not happy as I'm going to be struck with it which is not going to work with my computer which I believe is not my fault??

  thisisnighthawk 13:35 11 Mar 2004

I am afraid they are right, bit like buying a new car, getting it home and then finding out you can not get 6 kids in it because it only has 4 seats..........it is not their fault that your PC will not work with it.. sorry

  barnettgs 13:41 11 Mar 2004

Thats the specification you're talking about...4 seats, air con etc

But I'm happy with specfication of Joybee MP3 player yet it doesn't works on my compuer. It's just like buying a printer you wanted but doesn't work on your PC (Of course, thats a rare!)

  Edstow 13:51 11 Mar 2004

By your own admission there is nothing wrong with the device so why should dabs take it back? It is nothing to do with them or the mp3 player that it doesn't work in your computer and I fail to see why you expect them to accept its return.

Why not get your USB connection fixed?

  thisisnighthawk 14:03 11 Mar 2004

ok then, buying the car and finding out it will not fit in the garage..........

on a serious note, as Edstow said, when not fix the usb port..........IE: run it through a hub..

  IClaudio 14:07 11 Mar 2004

Are you running it through a hub, or directly from the computer's USB port? The hub may not provide enough power to run the player...

  TBH1 15:12 11 Mar 2004

IClaudio has it right I think - -try connecting directly to the usb connection on your PC - - maybe 'fiddly' reaching back there but try it.

  barnettgs 16:11 11 Mar 2004

Of course, I was running it directly from the computer's USB port, I don't use any usb hub. I can't find anything wrong with USB port, in fact, printer and webcam worked fine through its ports.

I am having my doubts about JoyBee and there is no knowledge base or troubleshooting FAQ from their website despite the rest of their products have covered.

What can I say?

  Wilham 17:15 11 Mar 2004

barnettgs, try it with no other USB's plugged in.
It may require more than its share of power, in which case a powered hub is the answer.

  fuzzyone 17:29 11 Mar 2004


uninstall your printer and webcam from device manager, and then try your player.

  barnettgs 17:46 11 Mar 2004

Believe me or not, I have gone through countless of options including reinstalling windows operating system. It doesn't even works straight after installing operating system/Joybee drivers without any printer or cam driver installed & connected.

So I have told dabs.com to check JoyBee to see whether it is faulty or not even though it worked fine on my friend's computer.

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