Dabs.com /Epson fast response

  bfoc 19:49 12 Feb 2003

I bought an Epson printer on behalf of a friend in January. Yesterday afternoon she told me that the printing head/cartridge mechanism was stuck and not moving at all. I immediately used the Dabs.com on-line returns form.

Within 2 hours I got an e-mail back, which I forwarded to my friend, saying that Epson dealt with their under warranty issues and giving a phone number.

I replied back pointing out that Dabs had the legal liability as the contract was with them. I sent my friend a copy of that as well.

This morning I got a returns number and details of how to return the printer.

My friend had rung Epson and an engineer is calling tomorrow to repair or replace the printer.

Now, to me getting things (hopefully) sorted in under 2 days is pretty darn good. Especially for an item costing around £80.

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