Dabs.com 1GHz Athlon CPU Replacement Problem

  Akuma 05:19 10 Jun 2003


I have a complicated problem with a CPU bought from dabs.com which I hope readers of this forum can advise me on :-) I'll try and explain it as simply as I can, please bear with me :-)


I bought a 1GHz AMD Athlon CPU from dabs.com in May 2002. When the CPU arrived, I installed it into my Gigabyte GA7DXR motherboard only to find it did not work. The GA7DXR board works fine with other CPUs, and trying the 1GHz Athlon CPU in other motherboards confirmed the CPU was faulty. I had built several PCs before so had experience in this area.

Anyway, I contacted dabs.com within a few days of purchase to arrange a replacement/refund via a form on their website, but despite several submissions over a couple of weeks I heard nothing from them (I printed out the automated reply from each submission at the just in case).

At the time I was in the final year of my degree course and had loads of exams/coursework to due so having made considerable effort on this, I put the matter aside to focus on studies.

Anyway, in July I finally got a email response from dabs.com (by this time I had started sending emails to every email address belonging to dabs.com that I could find e.g. [email protected], [email protected]) stating that they acknowledged there may be a fault with the CPU but as I had contacted after 28 days I was only entitled to a warranty replacement of the faulty CPU.

This annoyed me as I had made many efforts to contact them, even telephoning their customer support line and waiting on hold for 2 hours only to be told to use the form on their website even after explaining to the operator I did not get any replies when using their online form.

So I decided that instead of a replacement I would now go for a refund/store-credit as the CPU had now gone down in price.

This resulted in many emails back and forth over the next couple of months with dabs.com aruging I was not entitled to any sort of refund/credit and me arguing i was as I contacted them within 7 days of getting the product (and had printed proof) and more times all well within the 28-days 'returns' timeframe they had specified on their website.

I argued that I could not be held responsible if their website acknowledged my form submissions but they did not receive the same on their back-end data systems or failed to act on it.

Anyway, as I can only check email only 1-2 times a week, this argument went on until September 2002 when I decided to give up as it was all to much hassle and accepted the RMA (warranty replacement) dabs.com offered. I was then given an RMA number and postage instructions and told I would receive a replacement CPU in 4-6 weeks. However, due to a family bereavement I had to leave the UK before I was able to post the CPU (after leaving the UK, I later telephoned a friend to package and post the CPU in my absence but he forgot!).

I've now returned to the UK and contacted dabs.com to check if I could still post the CPU using the same RMA number or if they needed to provide a new RMA number as it had been 6-7 months since I last contacted them.

They replied that the warranty on my CPU expired about a week ago (the CPU was bought on 29 May 2002 and had a 1 year warranty) and they would no longer replace it.

I explained the reason why it had not been sent (I was abroad due to bereavement and other family issues) and that despite this they had *already* agreed to a replacement well within the warranty period.

I think that even though the warranty has expired, they should at least replace the CPU as they agreed to do this several months back and I don't see why they should refuse to do this now. Ideally I would like a refund/credit as the for price I originally paid for this 1GHz CPU I could buy a much better CPU (or other hardware) today.

I'm now stuck with a CPU I've never had any usage from and with a company whose customer service (at least in my case) has been appalling. I don't know what to do know so any comments or feedback would be really appreciated.


Whilst I can appreciate your problems and frustration I feel that you really have left it a little too late in trying to get any sort of satisfaction from Dabs.

Yes, Ok the CPU was DOA but you have, albeit through no fault of yours, left it too long.

They did eventually offer to replace the CPU in September, some 8 months ago. As you state, there is a 1 year warranty and that you have not returned it within that time your own statement would seem to apply -

"I argued that I could not be held responsible if their website acknowledged my form submissions but they did not receive the same on their back-end data systems or failed to act on it"

In other words, why should they now be held responsible if they have given you an RMA number eight months ago and you have failed to act on it? (Granted, you have very justifiable reasons for not doing so, but there is little in the way of sympathy in the dog eat dog world of commerce)

Put it down to experience and buy another CPU. They will no longer be able to replace it anyway and as they have already stated, you are out of luck on the refund. AMD will not be interested as the warranty has now expired and any cynic would probably say that this is an attempt to get an upgraded CPU for free!

Sorry, but I do feel that action as soon as the RMA arrived would have been your best bet.

  Akuma 02:40 11 Jun 2003


I notified dabs.com via the online form on their website within 7 DAYS of receiving the CPU. Luckily I kept print-outs from the website acknowledging my submission and stating my query was being processed.

I did this repeatedly for a couple of weeks, and getting no response, called their helpline only to be told to use their online form!

I then started emailing dabs.com intermittently and finally got a response in 07 November (6 months after purchasing the CPU) stating the fault could be a hardware incompatibility with my motherboard!

Anyway, I'm not after a refund or a free upgrade, I would be perfectly happy with another 1GHz CPU (working of course).

In fairness, I would agree I have left if late now (even though I couldn’t help it) and it is a very late stage to get any satisfaction. However, I did make considerable effort in the *very early stages* to sort this problem, and had dabs.com responded earlier to my emails or online form then perhaps it could have been resolved before I had to go abroad. After a while I got tired of chasing them.

I still think they should honour their RMA as the delay was caused as much by them (in the early stages before they gave an RMA number) as by me (in the later stages after receiving the RMA number).

I'm kicking myself for not acting immediately upon the RMA now :-(

I really could not agree with you more and yes, the delay by Dabs in the beginning may be your only hope.

Strictly speaking in "Legal" terms, you have plenty of time in which to bring an action, (Nearly five years left) the problem is that the time effort and cost is simply not worth it. A 1Ghz Athlon would be retailing at around £20 IF you could find one!

You could be cheeky and package the CPU up with copies of the RMA and your early correspondence and send it to them in the hope that they may allow you some credit off a new chip but, as its Dabs, dont hold your breath.

  Akuma 06:18 17 Jun 2003


I wrote to dabs.com to say I may take the matter to the Small Claims court as I should be entitled to a replacement/working product.

They wrote back simply saying the 1 year warranty has expired and they "cannot assist any further" (basically telling me to get lost), and that they talked to thier local Trading Standards who agree they (dabs.com) acted appropriately.

Your right, Smiffy, its not really worth it for the CPU but I may go through with the Small Cliam (even though I'll probably lose and waste lots more money) as dabs.com really annoy me with thier the attitude.

I'll also cancel my account and NEVER buy there again.

I now use click here, who are a lot cheaper any way.

  -pops- 06:33 17 Jun 2003

Punters have just as many problems, if not more judging by these columns, with ebuyer as they do with dabs.

That facts are that ALL of these companies are fine until something goes wrong.


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