Dabs a positive comment for once

  Mr Beeline 13:30 10 Oct 2005

Must admit that Dabs would not be my first choice supplier for PC components. Mainly because a lot of their products are OEM and it can be very hard to get a reply out of (Enotes/Email only). Nothing wrong with OEM products, as long as you know what you are getting, but it annoys me that a lot (most) of their products do not indicate if they are "retail", or "OEM".

So... been looking for a new graphics card for a while now, but could not find one at a "good" price, then noticed them selling the Sapphire X800pro for only £164.24 (this includes VAT). If you know enough about this sort of thing, then you will be aware that this is basically an underclocked X800XT (fair enough 4 pixel pipelines disabled) and hence has very good overclocking headroom. Mind you, I see that the cards gone up to £179.99 now.

Thought it would be OEM at this price, but no it's the full retail product and blow me, lunchtime next day it arrives.

So... top marks Dabs.

  Stuartli 17:04 10 Oct 2005

Apart from one occasion I've never had any problems with dabs and I've been dealing with the company since 1988 when it was based in Leyland.

  wint 20:32 10 Oct 2005

I have bought from Dabs for 4 or 5 years without any problems.

  Mr Beeline 21:24 10 Oct 2005


I to have used them for a number of years. Computing being my business (been programming for over a quarter of a century now). But stopped using them about two years back because of two bad experiences trying to send items back (one faulty item and one wrong item sent). Hence how I know the communication side is some what lacking.


I did not say that there was "much" of a problem. But my comment about OEM stands (see a VERY long running thread on this forum). Also just you try getting hold of them if there's a problem.

So... just thought I'd break with tradition and post something positive about an Eretailer for once.

  Stuartli 23:41 10 Oct 2005

I wasn's "jumping" on you, merely pointing out that I've dealt with dabs for 17 years.

Like any other major retailer that's built up its online retailing it does have problems with items that require to be returned.

But that applies equally to e-Buyer, Scan, Amazon etc and is not linked just to dabs.

I find that if you follow the correct procedure than problems are minimised.

Earlier this year I returned to Amazon, on behalf of my son, a set of Logitech speakers costing £250 because they had failed after some 18 months into the two year warranty.

Amazon provided an RMA immediately, the speakers were sent back to its Milton Keynes and, within a few days Amazon had not only credited the £249.99 cost of the speakers but also the ParcelForce carriage charge.

You can't get much better service than that...:-)

  Stuartli 23:42 10 Oct 2005

..back to its Milton Keynes depot...

Incidentally, ParcelForce informed me that it has four deliveries a day to Amazon's Milton Keynes returns depot - and that's just one courier....:-)

  Mr Beeline 00:02 11 Oct 2005


Fair comment.

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