Dabs and DHL service exemplary

  TopCat® 18:52 18 Nov 2009

Ordered my 24 inch HP monitor late afternoon on the 13th with free delivery and the best price online. It arrived safely by DHL courier in Truro early Saturday morning and delivered to me early on Monday morning the 16th.

From completing the online transaction, Dabs sent me regular emails charting its progress and a link to DHL's own parcel tracking service. I am very pleased with the way my first transaction went with Dabs. TC.

  morddwyd 19:42 18 Nov 2009

Agree with you for Dabs, but in this neck of the woods DHL are absolutely appalling, to such an extent that I will not order from a company which uses them.

Because of disability we ask for special arrangements, which every courier company in the country, except DHL, have no problem with.

Unless we answer the door, in person (head out of an upstairs window is no good) within one to one and a half minutes we get a card asking us to pick up from the depot, 100 miles round trip.

On one occasion they actually came into the house to leave the card on the table, because I was upstairs helping my wife out of the shower.

One company where the much vaunted German efficiency is not in evidence.

  TopCat® 20:10 18 Nov 2009

would rather think it could've been caused by the hastiness of those particular courier drivers and not the policy of the company itself.

It would pay to ring the company, explain your delivery problems and come to some amicable arrangement with them. My local branch actually has a 'normal' phone number, whereas their website quotes 0870 numbers to call. It pays to check your area phonebook. TC.

  morddwyd 08:56 19 Nov 2009

This has been an ongoing problem for around ten years.

The company are totally intractable - either we do it their way, or we go without our deliveries.

  spuds 11:40 19 Nov 2009

One thing about DHL, is if you have a Staples store nearby, then you can box and send domestic and the smaller type items from there.

I do not know if it still applies, but a number of years ago I purchased a Kodak camera that proved faulty. Getting in touch with Kodak they arranged for DHL to collect the camera for despatch to Belgium. Instructions were not to pack the item because the DHL driver would do this, including all the necessary customs clearance paperwork. DHL also returned the item after repair, and it was all done via email and a tracking system. Could not have asked for anything better, on that occassion.

TNT use to provide a very good service for larger items, but they seemed to go from the small guy to the larger business user, which brought its problems as far as I was concerned.

  morddwyd 19:23 19 Nov 2009

"One thing about DHL, is if you have a Staples store nearby, then you can box and send domestic and the smaller type items from there."

Unlike the more user friendly companies, which will come and collect it from your premises!

  byre101 09:42 15 Jun 2010

I can't agree with the DABS comment.

I have had nothing but bad experiences with them. The most recent being that they'#re system was broken and you were unable to add a delivery address to the order. Then when I called and went through Live Chat, no one was able to help and all I got was stock standard responses. Most disappointing.

  dastardly mutt 19:23 15 Jun 2010

DHL was bought by HDNL in Jan 2010.
click here

I've had two dire experiences with HDNL. Expect DHL service to deteriorate.

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  harps1h 19:58 02 Aug 2011

I know this is an old thread but it is so relevent to me. I ordered new graphics card from Amazon on Friday 29/07/2011 at approximatley 9.30. The designated delivery company was..................Yip that's right our friends HDNL! The parcel ws scheduled for delivery today. It did not turn up. This is despite the fact of me phoning HDNL this morning at 8.20 to check on delivery. I told a blatent lie as it is not here. In fact, when I checked the tracking it shows it still in the Carrickfergus depot, as it was from 0015 this morning. This is despite the fact I paid extra for first class delivery. I could have drove myself and collected it quicker. As a result Amazon will now be the last port of call when I buy anything, as I can no longer trust their delivery methods

  spuds 23:53 02 Aug 2011


As you say, its an old thread, but I have weekly buys from Amazon and also their Market Place dealers, and never once as the service or delivery arrangements let me down. Perhaps I am just lucky?.

  harps1h 08:25 03 Aug 2011


it may well be a localised issue here, but two deliveries two non deliveries on due dates? There is also an added fact to this. The parcel was ordered early Friday morning, by lunch time Sunday it was still marked as "waiting to be despatched" Only after I e-mailed Amazon was the parcel moved on. I paid for a first class delivery to gaurantee delivery, between Amazon and HDNL itdid not appear. I posted a parcel to Chelmsford from an ebay sale I had on the same Friday morning and it arrived before lunchtime on Monday. Figure that one out! I cannot comment on your deliveries as I do not know what way you ordered or even if you have a business account, I only pass on my thoughts about HDNL. In fact if you google this company you will see that it not maybe as localised as I might think

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