Dabs being "economical" with truth

  Widows Son 11:55 06 Jan 2003
  Widows Son 11:55 06 Jan 2003

I ordered a Palm Zire from dabs on 26th December - quoted delivery 2-3 days.

On 1st December site still showed no movement so I emailed them pointing out that they where now in breach of agreement.

On 3rd Jan I got an email from them stating that the order had shipped and apologising for delay

I checked site on 3rd and 4th and noticing that order was still shown as "Pick Not Started" which they explain as "This means that all parts of the order (address verification, payment authorisation, and stock allocation) are complete, and it should go out today. dabs picking system usually starts at 13:30 each working day, so this status is common in the mornings. The order cannot be stopped at, or past this point."

I emailed them again - pointing out that their site was giving different info than them and got a reply today (6th Jan) stating, "We are sorry for any delay or inconvenience caused during this busy period. We will try out best to ship your order for delivery by early this week."

Now I know and accept that there can be problems with stock etc, but when a company gives a delivery date they should do all that is possible to stick to it. I am very disappointed that they saw fit to give me information which was manifestly untrue and will not be dealing them again.

  Forum Editor 18:16 06 Jan 2003

that this kind of thing can and does happen. It's irritating to be told to expect a delivery, and then to discover that the goods haven't been dispatched, and in an ideal world it shouldn't happen.

It's a tad presumptive to say that the information you were given was "manifestly untrue" and to use the words "economical with the truth" in your thread title however. There may well have been extenuating circumstances of which you are unaware, and you did receive an apology.

You're entitled to cancel the order if you don't want to wait, and you've made the point that you've decided not to use Dabs again, so I don't really think that there's much help/advice we can offer.

  Widows Son 18:34 06 Jan 2003

I was told as stated above that the item HAD BEEN DISPATCHED but later told that they would "We will try out best to ship your order for delivery by early this week" so their first statement was untrue. I stayed away from using the word "lie" and in doing so gave them the benefit of the doubt on the issue of whether this was deliberate.

Again as stated above it is not possible to cancel the order on site once they change the order to "Pick Not Started"

I realise that there isn't "much help/advice we can offer" - My aims in starting this posting was to alert other purchasers of my experience, which they may wish to consider before selecting a retailer to do buisness with, and to see if mine is a typical experience.

On a +ve (I hope) status on site has changed to completed - so I'm away to get a pinch of salt :)

  AdeJ 19:54 06 Jan 2003

I had a similar situation with Dabs this time last year with all sorts of statements and assurances from everyone up to the MD that turned out to be untrue - after dragging it out for six weeks I DID cancel the order via trading standards.

I have on other occasions (before that) used Dabs with great efficiency as I'm sure dozens will now echo - but like you my one bad experience was enough to put me off

  Rayuk 19:57 06 Jan 2003

Is this the one that is still showing 1-3 days which to me means they dont yet have them in stock.If that is the case I cannot see why you cannot cancel the order.

  Widows Son 22:09 06 Jan 2003

I've now got a Parcelforce Consignment number so (hopefully its on its way

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:03 07 Jan 2003

Much ado about nothing. Triple Meh! here.


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