Dabs Again.

  Rtus 11:27 10 May 2004

Further to the posting

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Recieved bank statement today &
I Now find I havent recieved a refund but have paid twice for the hard drive. How can they get it So wrong ?? .I am about to recontact them and ask for explanation !

  Rtus 12:09 10 May 2004

Sales order 5149894 . Im not at all happy with the way youve delt with this. Originally I attempted return a hard drive to you because It wasnt the one I had ordered . I got no response until I mailed this address [email protected] 3rd email contact .. I contacted your Post dispatch department twice previously about an incorrect size hard drive being sent out on sales number>>
5149894 20/03/2004
You supposedly refunded my money 27/04/04 So I reordered the Hard drive 27/04/04 & have now recieved that item. But No refund appears on my account statement!! can you explain this ? you may contact me via (landline Num )if needed

  Rtus 12:16 10 May 2004

Thank you for your enquiry to dabs.com regarding the refund you were expecting. We're sorry it has taken longer than you expected for the refund to appear.

This is partly because dabs.com, like most companies, has a returns process which is 'less automatic' than the sales order process. For faulty goods for example, we don't process a refund until the returned item has been logged, tested and confirmed to be faulty.

A credit (negative) sale is then issued, which produces the refund. Internet customers will be able to see this negative sale on their order status and it will have the value highlighted in red.

However, a much more common reason is the way payment cards work. When we make a charge, the process involves checking that the funds are available on your credit/debit card. If they are, those funds are 'marked' and your available credit is reduced accordingly. This happens instantly over a telephone connection. However, the actual charges themselves take two to five days to appear on the account. Most of the time, you'd never notice this, but occasionally the items cross a statement date.

As a rule if you had a card charge and a refund on the same day, they should appear on the same date (three days later) on your statement. However, for those three days, your card credit limit would only take account of the charge and therefore be reduced.

In summary, this is part of the payment card banking procedure in UK and is out of the control of dabs.com. We do however look forward to the day where electronic banking is instant.

With warmest regards

dabs.com customer services team
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  Rayuk 17:20 10 May 2004

Do they say whether the refund has been made???

  ened 17:34 10 May 2004

would both get much more of my business if the returns system was more 'user-friendly'.

  Rtus 21:24 10 May 2004

In my statement I see the second payment for The hard drive taken on the 27th But no such refund from dabs. I contacted my bank to check (10th May) No record of any attempt from dabs to repay the funds owed. I then enquire how long should it take .The bank say instantly but add, some companies take up to 30 days to actually pay.Why couldnt Dabs just send a new drive like most companies do when things go wrong? Their web site is designed specifically with dabs in mind & customer gets the reams of help pages when trying to sort things out. I give up trying to make sense of the so called customer service.

  Rtus 21:15 12 May 2004

I'll close this ( I dont like leaving posts floating)& will update If & when I get a response worth posting.

  Rtus 22:41 18 May 2004

Dabs have finally repaid to my account the amount outstanding,on the 14th but it didnt appear til today. Thanks all ...

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