gadanga 21:24 12 Jul 2004

I have had terrible experience with this internet vendor. Sent a newly purchased motherboard, had to wait for about 8 weeks for it to be returned with a different major fault! Looks I am in for another 8 weeks wait. Would be interested to see what exoerien other have had.Is it my luck or is their supoport rubbish!

  byfordr 21:27 12 Jul 2004

Must admit I've not used them for years...wasn't impressed with their service and haven't been back.


  rickf 22:11 12 Jul 2004

I used them before and the experience was a good one. However, I stopped using them then since they switched to online communication only with no access by phone.

  smokingbeagle 08:24 13 Jul 2004

They are terrible when something goes wrong. Their courier left my purchase outside my front door. ( with full view and access to any passerby ) It took two weeks to get them to agree to replace it and then they screwed up the replacement. Their customer service people are not the brightest sparks.

  Mister Splendid©® 09:33 13 Jul 2004

I must say my experience of Dabs has been very good with no problems and prompt delivery of goods all of which have been as they should be. BUT, I have never had to send back a faulty item.

  Al94 17:07 13 Jul 2004

I would do without rather than ever use them again

  smokingbeagle 17:30 13 Jul 2004

Hear hear!

  ened 17:57 13 Jul 2004

and others: "Wonderful when it worked"
I must say I have this fear whenever I buy something over the internet, whoever the vendor is.
I have bought loads of computer parts from Ebuyer and Overclock and (touch wood) never needed to send anything back.
The only time Dabs have let me down was when something I wanted for my wife for Christmas was 'In Stock' at the beginning of December but not 'picked' by the beginning of the last week before the day.This forced me to cancel and go to the High Street.
I think it is useful to try to use a retailer who also has a presence on your local High Street (like Jessops)because you can get the internet price but actually meet human beings if you have a problem.

  Dorsai 18:11 14 Jul 2004

I have only used dabs once, and when i orderd from them they told me (at the time of order) that the HDD's i ordered were out of stock But as they were quite a bit cheaper than anyone else i had found i ordered anyway. they turned up 3 days after i ordered.

I always specify delivery to my place of work, never to home (with any mail order). stops the 'left on a doorstep' problem especially as the local post person somtimes finds my flat hard to find, (well, it does move up and down the street at random after all. LOL) but finds my work place no problem. but i soppose this only works for small companies, where you know no one will sign 'micky mouse' and then keep it for themself.

  kp 22:35 15 Jul 2004

I have used Dabs twice. On the first occasion, part of the order had to be returned as it was faulty and there was no doubt that this was a manufacturing problem rather than a Dabs problem. The item was returned. The returns process was a little fiddly but nevertheless, worked and my money was refunded without argument. Dabs have since simplified the returns process. On the second occasion - last week - I bought a camera, camera case and CF card which arrived within 2 working days and without any difficulty. The price was better than anywhere else that I could find and everything arrived in good condition. I would be happy to order from Dabs again as long as their prices remain competetive.

  pipedream 23:30 15 Jul 2004

Have used them many times and generally found them excellent & very efficient - my last order a few weeks ago was placed at 17:40 and arrived at 11:20 the following morning! Would agree though that things aren't so smooth if you have to return something...

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