Dabbling in Black Magic & Voodoo

  The Brigadier 15:38 30 Jan 2007

No not that type, but the black art of Linux.
And what's so funny is it's FREE to use!

click here
click here

  spuds 15:46 30 Jan 2007

Are you on commission?.

  Input Overload 15:53 30 Jan 2007

Why do you feel the need to covert people? You have posted several times regarding this, is the 'Herd' instinct surfacing in you? I'm quite happy with XP & soon Vista BTW. click here

  The Brigadier 16:07 30 Jan 2007

For years Microsoft have been anti-Linux, in the past they have evenstated it's free because it's a 2nd rate O/S.

I converted to Linux end of 2006 and even though i'm new to it, i'm saving ££ in not having to buy volume licence's from MS.

Keep your head in the sand if you want to then!

  Input Overload 16:27 30 Jan 2007

Making an informed choice to use Windows is hardly 'keeping my head in the sand'. Credit people with intelligence to have considered/tried Linux but choose to use MS gear. It seems it’s not enough for you to run Linux but everyone else should run it too.

  Jackcoms 16:31 30 Jan 2007

"For years Microsoft have been anti-Linux"

Linux is an MS 'competitor' - so that makes sense.

"in the past they have evenstated it's free because it's a 2nd rate O/S"

Pretty much spot on then, I think.

  iscanut 16:35 30 Jan 2007

I an sure most of us here can make a reasoned case for or against Linux and then choose what to use without being hectored by the minority ( of 1 it seems at the moment !)

  Zero G 16:46 30 Jan 2007

I think it's really good that The Brigadier has had the guts to move to a new O/S. It cant have been an easy step for someone to move over to Linux.

And the fact that he wants to share with us all his view on Linux is refreshing to see.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:12 30 Jan 2007

I'm quite happy with Windows XP, does everything I need it to do with no compatibility problems and excellent stability. I don't use it because I have my head in the sand, I use it because it works and works well.

  anskyber 19:17 30 Jan 2007

Well done, I am pleased you are pleased.

But your evangelical approach and constant references to Linux is wearing a bit thin. It's actually, for me at least, becoming counter productive.

  Totally-braindead 19:18 30 Jan 2007

I too use XP because it serves me well, its stable, never crashes and runs every program out there. It handles my photos, videos and audio files. I don't consider my head is stuck in the sand.
You like Linux that is clear and perhaps your links will interest Linux users but theres no need to insult the people that are using Windows just because in your opinion, which I don't agree with, everyone should switch to Linux.
To be honest you're insulting most of the Forum as most of us use some form of Windows.

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