DAB Radio bargain?

  jail-bird 22:17 13 Aug 2006

Creative DAB radio with free delivery £39.99 at Amazon
click here

  Forum Editor 22:46 13 Aug 2006

I'm tempted.

I have DAB radio in the car, and the sound quality is unbelievable.

  kinger 22:48 13 Aug 2006

Unfortunately, it doesn't run on batteries.

I see the price has now risen to £59.99.

  Al94 08:56 14 Aug 2006

I have had a DAB radio for two years, not all they're cracked up to be. Due to the low bit rate used in UK, the sound quality is at best equal to FM and often much worse.

  jail-bird 10:10 14 Aug 2006

Yes, the Amazon price increased £20 overnight!
You can still get it direct from Ceative at £39.99 but you have to pay a delivery charge
click here&

  Stuartli 11:28 14 Aug 2006

As A194 right points out DAB quality is often vastly inferior to the radio stations' quality delivered on Freeview, which normally uses the maximum or near maximum standard available.

Full rundown at:

click here

  €dstowe 11:31 14 Aug 2006

I've had a DAB radio for a long time now. Worst spend of over £100 I've ever made. Complete waste of time. Poor reception, dropouts, distorted sound. It's not the radio itself that's at fault - others I've heard are just the same.

It sits in a cupboard gathering dust. I much prefer my old FM portable.

  ade.h 13:43 14 Aug 2006

Must have been a error: it's back to £40 now.

  zekea 18:09 14 Aug 2006

Acoustic Solutions - Portal 1 DAB Radio £39.99 bought in October 2004 from Argos. Best buy EVER!
OK sound does not go that loud, but still OK.
Can be used on mains or batteries.

A great fan of planetrock & comedy on bbc7 & radio 4, great to listen to TMS and the footie.
But do miss hearing the shipping forecast!!

  Forum Editor 18:19 14 Aug 2006

because, as I said earlier, the sound quality is superb. Yes, it drops out occasionally, but only on rare occasions, and not for more than 20 seconds at the most.

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