Cybermaxx -is nVidia 5200 128mb video card ok?

  LizaMay 23:43 12 Jan 2004

I have read on other threads on this forum that Cybermaxx are Medion which are good stuff with decent customer support. So I went along to TrUs today for a squiz. They look great to me.My only query is about the above video card.The PC in the £1099 package has a P4 3.06 and 512mb RAM, 160Gb hard drive and more USB,fire wire,card readers etc than you can shake a stick at.Plus separate DVD ROM and writer, TV card, wireless mouse and multimedia keyboard, software package, All-in-one printer and 1 year on site warranty.Oh and a 17 inch TFT.

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Looks pretty similar to me to the one on Medion's German site and works out a similar price:

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I'd be grateful for opinions.

  bvw in bristol 00:49 13 Jan 2004

It's a superb machine, but then I would say that as I'm using a Medion P4 3.06 160Gb :o)

The graphics card is fine for everyday tasks, if you're a "gamer" it could be slightly lacking though.

(Cybermaxx and Medion are the same machines)

  tafoody 01:20 13 Jan 2004

i see PCworld have a few medions too.

including an xp3200, 256mb fx5200.

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  simonp1 08:09 13 Jan 2004

The card isnt really up for the challange of new games and if you have brought this machine for gaming then i feel it really wont serve you that well.

Evesham mesh and time all seem to offer systems a little more suited for gaming and around the same price.

You could always ask the to upgrade the machine to a better card...5600, 9600, 4600,

  Flaco 17:26 13 Jan 2004

Is a 5200 really that bad? I'm not picking an argument, but I do feel there's to much hype on the graphics card front.

I still use my GeForce3 Ti200 64Mb and run all manner of games on it (e.g Battlefield, GTA, Call of Duty, MoH, Medieval TW, Sturmovik, etc.) The only time I've experienced any problems is when I try to do something like increase the bots on Battlefield to silly levels. Also, when installing games, the prog always seems to auto-configure the highest definition settings for me when looking up my GPU details. One notable exception: Never Winter Nights - lower settings configured and no nice things like shimmering, shiny water. As regards watching DVD movies: perfect.

I'm probably not getting anywhere near best draw distances and the like, but can't say I've ever had a problem with that. When I upgrade, it will probably be to a 5200 as well. I don't see it as been a problem for new games and it also offers DirectX 9.0 support anyway.

Nevertheless, I'm always willing to be put straight! I haven't been able to determine what I might be missing because I've never had any other card in here.

  simonp1 18:53 13 Jan 2004


If you want to play online games then it isnt a great card, for personal use its ok. But for the value you are paying i would expect a better graphics card as that one will only cost £79 in the shops, but for a new good system you will really see a benifit from a better card...

  Flaco 20:05 13 Jan 2004

Ah, I never considered the online aspect. Occasionally I get problems on the Gamespy (and some other) sites. Normally I wouldn't expect to because I'm broadbanded, but I've noticed that in some scenarios (Battlefield specifically), things can start going wrong after a while. So it could be down to the GPU maybe?

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