Cyber Power Computers - They're the nuts

  martin-753588 15:29 06 Mar 2009

Those of you that read my lengthy posts re Mesh will know the ball ache I had with them. 5 weeks of promises to no avail.

Well let me tell you about my experience of Cyberpower. Ordered online on a Monday evening, lots of upgrades, around £1500 of PC & monitor, express delivery (3 days) & pre 9am delivery on the day all purchased.

Well, I must say what a thoroughly pleasent experience it has been. Today, at 8.17 my shiny new beast arrived 3 working days after order, flick the button, everything works, everthing i asked for is in there. I had one slight problem, phoned their tech support and they resolved it in 30 seconds!

Well done Cyberpower - you've restored my faith in PC manufacturers - take note Mesh - this is how it should be done first time every time, not 1 in 10!

  Pine Man 15:50 06 Mar 2009

Good to hear you're pleased with your new PC and surprised at the high failure rate you quote for Mesh. Where did that info come from?

  martin-753588 16:11 06 Mar 2009

1 in 10 not a real stat (that I'm aware of) - more a flipant remark. Once I had the problems with Mesh I just googled Mesh Customer Service and read the barrage of posts re them.

But i digress, this isn't about Mesh, more Cyberpower and how well they handled my order.

Vive Le Cyberpower.

  tullie 10:36 07 Mar 2009

Glad you had a good experience,but some of the reviews arent the best,but i suppose there are good and bad experiences with every company.

  Forum Editor 10:54 07 Mar 2009

with all suppliers.

Search for customer complaints using the name of just about any computer supplier you like into Google and you'll come up with tales of woe. The number of complaints is often (but not always) related to the number of computers a company sells - a large supplier will feature more prominently than a smaller one.

It's a fact of life, and although it's always good to hear favourable reports from consumers the old adage about one swallow not making a summer holds good. That said, I'm in favour of praise where praise is due, and in your case it was certainly due.

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