1snooks 11:10 27 Dec 2007

I am looking to change my PC (currently MESH)
There are loads of reviews on the PCs, but can't find any on Customer Service & support. ARE THERE ANY GOOD COMPANIES WHOSE AFTER SALES SERVICE AND SUPPORT match their products?

  Clapton is God 11:15 27 Dec 2007


But if you buy a Dell you won't need Customer Support anyway - their machines are the most solid, reliable, well-built PCs around (although not necessarily the cheapest).

Spend a bit more to get the dog's dangley bits of PCs.

  anskyber 11:18 27 Dec 2007

Dell for me too. Having said that my PC and various family members Dells have worked flawlessly.

  paul€ 11:27 27 Dec 2007

Customer support, then look at your local PC dealers.

Ask around and see who has been in business for some time and see if you can get some local feed back on them.

Our local independent dealer has been going for over 9 years. They can get you anything at a reasonable price and the place is always packed.

They are two serving during the week, with a lad who helps out on Saturday. While they are two who assemble orders and repair machines brought in.

The prices are around 15% higher than ebuyer but I don't pay postage and if I have a problem they always resolve it.

  1snooks 16:51 28 Dec 2007

Thanks for replying guys, BUT I have been reading HORROR stories about Dell,Mesh, Evesham, PC World etc. etc. Customer Support. It appears to be non-existent. I note you Dell supporters are very happy, but I've read loads of adverse comments elsewhere. My local PC dealer looks like a nightmare shop, with broken computers everywhere. SO IS THERE A REALLY GOOD PC COMPANY WITH REALLY GOOD AFTER SALES SERVICE ?? I AM STILL LOOKING !

  Totally-braindead 17:01 28 Dec 2007

Novatech. Best customer service of anyone.

  CatTrading 17:17 28 Dec 2007

Got to be Novatech.
Time after time they good reviews from those who buy from them.

  polymath 17:44 28 Dec 2007

I've found Packard Bell's technical help people quick to respond, helpful and knowledgeable. They're only supposed to provide hardware support if, like me, you don't buy an extended warranty, but they did in fact help me in the software department too.
Customer care wasn't my the reason for my choice; I didn't know anything about theirs before choosing a new desktop and laptop; I didn't look into it, being reasonably confident technically, and knowing how much help there is at sites like PC Advisor's. It was just a pleasant surprise after some customer 'care' I could name.

I looked in a big PC World (Tottenham Ct Rd) when in London. Knowing roughly what specs I wanted, I looked at all their relevant stock, including Macs (and listened to them all too - our home's open-plan!).
Both choices happened to be Packard Bell; what swung it for me was their desktops seemed the quietest, and their laptops seemed to have the most responsive touchpads (I liked the designs, though that's down to individual taste of course).

The laptop's fingerprint sensor wouldn't let me start Windows fully (maybe my mistake - it should be easier to find out now I can load Windows!). Apart from a little confusion in the email correspondance with their Tech Guys (I think someone forgot to give me a case number at first), I was very impressed.

  Clapton is God 17:52 28 Dec 2007


Define "really good after sales service".

Why is it so important to you? Are you expecting the PC to give trouble 3 days after you buy it or something - if so, why?

Oh, and by the way, please don't shout at us - capitals aren't necessary.

  1snooks 09:03 29 Dec 2007

Thanks Polymath - Interesting to hear your views.
To answer Clapton - I define "REALLY GOOD AFTER SALES SERVICE " as : 1. Being able to get help if required without phoning a premium rate number and hanging on for half an hour only to speak with someone who cannot understand the problem, or obviously has not been trained or is inexperienced. 2. IF A MAJOR FAULT DEVELOPS, getting it fixed promptly and efficiently.
Being non-technical, I need that sort of reassurance with a company. Admittedly it is getting hard to find. By the way, the use of capitals is to stress the point - they are not shouting, they are incapable of doing so.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:46 29 Dec 2007

If you listen to 'horror' stories you are onto a loser and will never buy a computer and you need to learn that you are only getting the one side of the story. Judging by some of the Neanderthals that I have seen wailing at customer service desks, the customer is not always right. You also need to learn that companies that sell thousands of computers a week have many 'happy' stories and they have been in businerss a long time (in the computer world) so they must be doing something right.

I have bought over 100 PCs/laptops from PC World and well over 60 from Dell. I have hardly ever had to use the customer service and hwne I have it has always been polite (but then I do speak politely to the sales assistants and not like a retarded bully moron). For value I would suggest Dell but if you want the computer quickly, PC World.

Strange how people never listen to the good stories about companies. So no point in faffing about, choose Dell, PC World or even Novatech and start worrying about the spec of the computer rather than customer service.



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