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  J B 20:18 08 Jun 2007

Just a little over two years ago we bought our first Laptop. It was a basic affair with enough on it to do word processing email and browsing. In that two years the laptop became increasingly sluggish and not knowing enough about computers got a little worried about it. We have since then bought a new Vista laptop and are really pleased with the speed and additional features that it has. Anyway I decided to take the XP laptop to a local independent and had it fixed which included a re-format and re-install of XP. I just picked it up and when I booted it up it ran like I just bought it.

The point that I am making is that Independents are alive and well and are living in Suffolk and I've got to say this guy will be on my Christmas Card List until I don't know when. Now we have two laptops that are singing and the XP one has got a new lease of life. I will be a lot wiser in the future as to what I try to do with computers. Gone are the useless bits of software registry cleaners except Ccleaner and one or two Antispyware programs. They say that you live and learn and I have to say that is exactly what I did. My local Independent will get my business from now on I can tell you. I am very glad he is there. J.B.

  sunny staines 20:47 08 Jun 2007

courious how much did he charge for a reinstall of xp

  J B 21:01 08 Jun 2007

For the Re-format and re-install of XP, NIS 2007, Office 2003, Adobe Photoshop Elements 4 All the updates that brought the laptop completely up to date as well as a general clean of the laptop ie dust etc. came to £58.75 vat included. I think that is good value for money. I also had a look at his price list and it is very reasonable. J.B.

  sunny staines 22:01 08 Jun 2007

thanks, i do mine myself just wondered how much i was saving, price sounds resonable.

  spuds 23:00 08 Jun 2007

You did very well out of that deal. Our local independent charges £60.00 for a basic reformat and simple clean-up.Anything over basic simplicity, and it costs more.

  wee eddie 08:15 09 Jun 2007

One can save oneself a lot of heartache.

Personally I will spend time here, investigate and try anything that I reckon that I have the hang of.

Anything else and I ring Stephen. As I live almost next door and accept that he'll do it when he has a quiet patch. He charges me £30 + VAT per hour. I watch carefully and then that's another job that I can do.

  Joe R 11:17 09 Jun 2007

wee eddie,

"He charges me £30 + VAT per hour."

There's an empty house next door to me, if you're considering a move. :)

  J B 17:45 09 Jun 2007

From the comments It looks like it was good value. One other thing, I didn't do this on the spur of the moment. I did everything that I could and could not fix it, so in the end I gave it to the experts. Valuable lesson learned on my part, will be a little more careful what I put on a computer. J.B.

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