Customer service - dirty words?

  Forum Editor 18:25 18 May 2003

It can't have escaped your notice that we get the odd complaint from people who have been treated shabbily by a supplier or manufacturer when it comes to customer service. I'm really talking about post-sales service here - what happens (or doesn't) when there's a problem, a computer is dead on arrival, or there's a faulty component, or a delivery doesn't come when it was promised.

The Computer industry does not have a particularly glowing record when it comes to being nice to customers - although there are some notable exceptions - and it's time that we, as consumers got serious and cease to tolerate being treated as a nuisance when all we want is a little common courtesy. We think that's the least our forum members should expect, but often it's sadly lacking.

We have encouraged suppliers to have a presence in the forum, and although quite a few signed up with us many of them appear to have vanished into the mist. It would be good to see them back again, and even better to see them addressing some of the issues that arise - even if the answers aren't always what we want to hear.

We'll support anyone who has a problem with a supplier, and if necessary we'll contact the company on your behalf, but be warned that we believe in being absolutely fair. We will not support spurious claims against suppliers, or agree with a forum member for the sake of it - we'll be frank and honest, and if we don't think your complaint is reasonable we'll say so.

There'll be no witch-hunts or vendettas, and any posts that seek to start that kind of thing will be deleted without warning.

Let's see if we can make this forum a force to be reckoned with, and a place where people know they'll get a fair hearing - even if we don't always achieve the result you hoped for.

  powerless 18:46 18 May 2003

Gives some "free" legal advice as far as i can tell - Will he get a mention when it's due?

  Djohn 19:04 18 May 2003

Nice to hear that FE. PCA does carry some weight when it comes to dealing with problems, also as Powerless says, Smiffy99 is always willing to help out with consumer rights and the legal side of issues. J

  davidg_richmond 19:08 18 May 2003

Good on you PCA & FE - might be a good idea if you can make this thread 'sticky' so it gets read by those who skip the Terms and Conditions...

  spuds 19:48 18 May 2003

A simple question that I would like to put to the FE/PCA. You mention that "quite a few signed up with us many of them appeared to have vanished into the mist". As the FE or PCA tried to chase up these vanishing companies, and see why they no longer wish to have a contact point via the PCA forums. Companies like Time, Evesham etc seem to have no qualms in replying to peoples concerns, which can only lead to better things.

I recall quite some time back, PC World wanted to air their views within PCA, but they also seemed to have vanished, since the event was disclosed.

  Forum Editor 19:52 18 May 2003

is best reserved for lawyers. What we do here is offer commonsense advice,often based on experience although there's nothing wrong with explaining which laws might apply to a given set of circumstances. There are complex(legal) problems attached to offering legal advice online, and unless you are a qualified lawyer we can't allow it.

When you have a problem it often helps just to know that there are is a place where you'll get a sympathetic hearing and plenty of practical help and advice. That's what we're good at, and we've been doing it for quite a long time. We have a wealth of experience in the forum, and there are few computer-related problems that beat us. Let's stick to doing what we do best - supporting our fellow computer users.

  Forum Editor 20:00 18 May 2003

who are no longer interested in having a forum presence - being here is a voluntary thing, and it would be wrong of us to hassle people into responding if they don't choose to. We'll contact companies on behalf of forum members if we feel the circumstances warrant it, but we can't do it in every case. We don't have the resources for one thing, and not every case warrants it.

The important thing is to get companies to realise that bad customer service will not go unnoticed - it will be be discussed in front of tens of thousands of potential customers. There'll be no malicious attacks, no personal vendettas - ours is a responsible and mature forum and we'll behave as we should - but we'll get the message across.

Bad customer service - or a total lack of it - is simply not on.

  Goldcroft 07:37 19 May 2003

Read this thread after posting in Hell with Dell. Am I correct in thinking that "sticky" means making sure the thread is at the top of the page and doesn't get shunted off within hours.

  simonp1 08:09 19 May 2003

"Let's see if we can make this forum a force to be reckoned with"
I already think this forum is, it was the forum that encouraged my computer supplier to resolve a long standing problem.Like many other people here PCA have already helped solve many issues with suppliers. I never really make a purchase now without have good advice from the many members here and lets not forget the excellent advice in the helproom. As someone who is very new and "dumb" on computers i use PCA as my bible.

  MichelleC 09:30 19 May 2003

Nice one - you've got my support.

  davidg_richmond 12:43 19 May 2003

That's right Goldcroft, 'sticky' threads are used in some forums to keep a post at the top. It would be good here just to make sure it gets noticed by the newer members who tend to suggest boycotting various companies on the strength of their single complaint.

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