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  carver 15:33 24 Aug 2009

I've seen quite a few postings about PC World and the problems people have with them and now I've fallen foul of their distinct brand of customer service.

I bought a laptop for my daughter and 1 year and 1 month later it developed a fault, never mind these things happen.

Went into PC World with all documents and went to customer service desk, spoke very nicely to sales assistant and explained the problem, he took one look at sales receipt and his whole attitude changed, he took great delight in explaining that the laptop was just out of warranty and therefore nothing to do with PC World.

When I tried to explain that I still had certain rights his response was to put it bluntly not very nice.

I did manage to speak to the manager but even he just didn't seem bothered and kept fobbing me off.

I left that shop determined never to buy another thing from them ever again, next laptop will be from John Lewis, at least their customer service is a customer service.

I don't normally get upset or annoyed about things but after leaving that shop I can understand why certain people could get so worked up that they start shouting at the staff.

I don't know if any body from PC World ever reads these postings but they should remember that we are the one who keep you in business and without us you can't survive.

  Picklefactory 16:02 24 Aug 2009

Have you read this post by any chance? click here
Not sure it will help, but there maybe something of use to you.

Incidentally, should this be in Consumerwatch?

  oresome 16:38 24 Aug 2009

What is distinct about PC World considering that a 12 month warranty has expired after 13 months?

Do any other retailers selling similar goods at similar prices view a 12 month warranty as lasting longer than 12 months?

I've certainly read of cases where John Lewis have refused warranty repairs after the expiry date and only capitulated following a fight.

  tein 17:22 24 Aug 2009


I feel so sorry for you i have been in a similar situation! i bought a high end speaker system off them & realised it was a used one & the sticker they should display on the top of the box was infact underneath the box.? i complained about having two cables short & all they would do was give me £5 back for the price of the cable!
Unless i am absolutly desperate & there doing a end of the world sale! i'l never go there or recomend them again!

  tein 17:23 24 Aug 2009

btw i had took the system home then realised!

  carver 17:40 24 Aug 2009

I have had products repaired after the so called 12 months warranty without charge, and John Lewis was one of them. A Teac system I have expired after 2 years, went down and talked to them about the problem, they had it back, repaired it and didn't have a penny to spend on the repairs.

A sunroof on a Toyota car I once owned stopped working, that was repaired also at no cost, reason given to me, that part should not have failed.

One other thing oresome
that warranty is not offered by the retailer it's given by the manufacturer in addition to your own rights.

This post wasn't really about warranty's, it was about the attitude of the staff at PC World towards customers.

  spuds 20:21 24 Aug 2009

Perhaps you should contact Consumer Direct click here and ask them about the EU ruling on items like laptops.

Then possibly contact the DSG company secretary Helen Grantham or their legal department for further advice as to how PCW comply to consumer law!.

  Forum Editor 23:45 24 Aug 2009

rather than Speakers Corner. I'll move it over now.

  Stuartli 00:03 25 Aug 2009

Check out the Retra website for guidance on such matters:

click here

  ajm 01:21 25 Aug 2009

Can you please let us know a bit more details on your issue with the service you have had with PC WOrld. If you prefer, drop me a line using the yellow envelope next to my username, giving all relevant details and I will see if I can assist you.

  WolframBlitzen 18:57 27 Aug 2009

Carver: Like AJM said, It would be interesting if you could tell us what the fault is. Certain things are cut & dry not covered by a manufacturer’s warranty anyway. Broken screens, cracked casing, keys being pulled off keyboards accidentally damage, etc. I think that before anyone can really advise you on what to do, we need to know what the fault is.

With regards to the stuff you have had repaired over a year old: Some things come with a much longer guarantee than a year. My Car has a 5 year or ___ thousand mile warranty on it, like many other cars (dependant on the manufacturer) If my Sunroof breaks down 2 years from now, through no fault of my own, Seat will put it right. The same can be said for your Toyota, as they offer a 3 year UK Car warranty. click here and I’ve also got a set of speakers (not Teac though, although I have massive love for Teac speakers) which have a 4 year warranty, a TomTom with a 2 year warranty, and a few other things.

As for the attitude of PC World staff; Please don’t tar everyone with the same brush, Okay? Your problem is your perceived attitude of that particular person, not the staff as a whole. Trust me, not all PCW staff take “Great delight” in telling you that your laptop is out of warranty

Pickle factory: I’ve been corrected on my facts about this once by forum editor, but it was only a minor correction (me using the wrong words click here ) But there is no such thing as a 2 year compulsory guarantee (or warranty, since those two words are used interchangeably by most people) however, you should expect the product to last a “reasonable amount of time” and I believe with Electronics, this is 5 years in the UK, not 2. Our consumer laws are much better than the European ones.

Tein: The sticker you are referring to is called the “Condition label” and as far as “PC World should display that” No. The condition label is for the reference of the staff, they should SCAN it, but it doesn’t have to be apparent on the box. What they DO have to do is make you aware if the product is pre-owned, which is –usually- done on the POS.

Unless you want a situation like that, you should inspect it before you leave the store. “Why is the box closed with brown tape?” “Why is that seal broken?” “why does the box look like it’s been used in lieu of a football?” I’m sure you’ve seen signs in shops that say “Please check your receipt before you leave the shop as mistakes cannot be rectified later” do the same with your goods. I promise you, no harm will come to you if you do a quick visual inspection of the box

I actually don’t see what grounds you have to complain anyway. You actually said that although the cable was missing, PCW gave you money for the cable. So what’s your problem?

Orsome: I could not agree more! I don’t know why people can’t seem to grasp that 12 months isn’t 13 months. I think maybe you and I might be the only people in this world who can count ;)

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