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  stevier 19:45 27 Nov 2003

I'm in the market for a new desktop, was considering Carrera, Mesh or Multivision as they do well in PCA reviews but have been put off by various postings, reviews about after sales care. Having been stung by Opus (Tiny) many years ago I don't want to make the same mistake again. Want to spend about £550 (minus a monitor)and the case has to be beige to match my existing monitor. Any suggestions?

  jimv7 22:29 27 Nov 2003

why not build your own, you can pick the parts you want and have the satisfaction of the finished product.

Any difficulties forum members are glad to help out.

  Forum Editor 23:38 27 Nov 2003

It's entirely for you to draw your own conclusions of course, but remember that only the negative experiences tend to end up being posted in our forum, that's what we're here for.

What we don't see is the undoubtedly larger percentage of customers who are perfectly happy with their computers.

  art42 01:48 28 Nov 2003

I and my family have bought several computers from Mesh, I have had a nightmare with one of them, which has now been resolved,the others have been ok when they have went wrong Mesh have been ok.It seems to me that when you start trying to upgrade or change your order there system breaks down,strait forward warranty claims are dealt with efficiently. With the amount of money you are considering spending you will more than likely find that it may cost more to build a system than buy an equivilent system.I have not reasently been a big fan of Mesh but they do make an excellent product at good value for money, so as the forum editor suggests"dont be put off".

  johnnyrocker 07:15 28 Nov 2003

fair points but i would say that almost without exception the complainers about mesh have complaints about the same thing as opposed to varying problems, chiefly nothing getting done to resolve complaints satisfactorily.


  canard 14:23 28 Nov 2003

We've had 2 PCs from click here and are more than satisfied. They'll build you anything you specify and are very easy to get hold of on normal phone for queries and yes you can have a beige monitor. IF you don't want a DVD writer you'd get change from your £550.

  stevier 17:27 28 Nov 2003

I take the point about only people who have problems using these postings but I would still like any comments on positive experiences. The main contenders for my money are: Carrera, Mesh, Multivision, Evesham or Dell. Hopefully I won't need to use Tech Support but which of these firms answer the phone promptly and resolve problems quickly and efficiently. There are 2 or 3 negative comments for each company, does that mean there are thousands of positive experiences?

  Forum Editor 17:38 28 Nov 2003

there are thousands of positive experiences - the companies you mention wouldn't be in business otherwise. Don't expect all the satisfied customers to post a message to that effect though, because it won't happen.

In the end you'll have to make a judgment and place your order, and whichever company you choose the chances are that you'll have no problems at all.

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