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  Tadpoleuk 15:17 08 Apr 2007

Hello All, Happy Easter
Today I decided to buy myself a new computer, one of these custom pc jobbies as my curent pc is dying bit by bit.
I know a couple of people who have used pcspecialist with no complaints, but they dont have any cases i like , and i dont want my new machine to be branded with their logo. I found a company called ginger6 which has some nice stuff , but i cant find any reviews or reports from people that have bought from there..After reading this forum i looked at novatech, i could only see barebones systems there..I know to keep away from pcnextday , Please can any of you help me choose a good custom pc company or advise me of places to stay away from .. Thankyou :)

  Totally-braindead 15:42 08 Apr 2007

They have full systems as well at Novatech - all prices.

  Starfox 15:43 08 Apr 2007

click here

This outfit supplied with a great gaming pc, worth a look definately.

  I am Spartacus 16:01 08 Apr 2007

I bought a Komplett Intel Core 2 custom PC from click here a couple of months ago

They have a great range of cases and I went for the Gigabyte Aurora 570.

It's been great and I haven't had any problems with it.

  Tadpoleuk 13:26 10 Apr 2007

Thanku , im talking to Komplett and goldenelectronics to see who can make me the best machine :)

  The Kestrel 14:14 10 Apr 2007

Another site worth a view, which has had good reviews in this forum.

click here

  Tadpoleuk 15:17 23 Apr 2007

Thankyou for recommending komplett, i have been very pleased with the service i have received .I wanted a case which wasnt on their list of custom builds, i rang them and the next day i had the choice of my new case in the drop down menu on the webbie.Then i decided i wanted a different color, no problem, i emailed them , within an hour the new color choice was available.I called them as i couldnt decide on a power supply, they answered the phone fast and talked me through my options in a chummy way. I put in an order, within 4 days it was built and tested and on its way. I tracked the DHL parcel on the internet and was a little shocked to see my PC was in Holland and heading inland and not out, i hadnt realised i had ordered from The Netherlands (which explains the good prices). Within the 2 days stated it was on my doorstep. Well packaged and with all the correct components and all the correct discs and manuals etc.My heart stopped when i turned it on and nothing happened but i was pressing the reset button and not the power on :) It all works like a dream so far, so quiet and the build quality is very nice. All the cables are sleaved and well organised. Im not sure about vista though but i will blame microsoft for that...Im so happy ,thankyou again

  I am Spartacus 12:49 24 Apr 2007

I hope you're as pleased with yours as I am with mine.

I thought they still had the option to order XP with their custom PCs. I ordered mine with XP Pro but got the voucher for an upgrade to Vista Business. After saying that if everything works OK then it doesn't matter.

Out of interest what case did you get?

  harps1h 18:57 24 Apr 2007
  I am Spartacus 19:07 24 Apr 2007

I've just experienced the WOW.

WOW, way overpriced.

  Tadpoleuk 17:57 25 Apr 2007

I went for the XION II SILVER, Steel Chassis X-Factor Metallic Design (Without PSU) case with blue lighting,to match my computer room decor :P
I did have the option to get XP but i wanted to try something new and shiney so i opted for vista. I have had it a few days and am starting to get the hang of the interface. All software i have tried so far has worked with a little didderling,same with hardware.I bought a new digital tv card and have speant most of my time so far using my gaming pc as a glorified television :))

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