cusomer service what company should i buy from

  clueless555 22:46 02 Aug 2006

please help me chose what company to buy my new pc from.

how do you rate

pc next day
and all the others i could buy from.

please help me and tell me which company i should stay froma nd who has bad customer service , feel free to mention a company not on th elist.

thank you for reading my post

  SG Atlantis® 23:01 02 Aug 2006

What about a local supplier?

Where your from?

  VNAM75 23:08 02 Aug 2006

Bought a system from pcnextday recently. They are quite formal when answering emails, the pc was delayed about a week, but overall the product was good quality and value and packaged well. Recommended.

Wouldn't buy from mesh, they make good quality and value pc's but dont have the customer service to match it. Not worth the hassle if you needed to return pc for repairs, claim refunds etc.

Think dell are good value and am thinking of buying a laptop from them. Evesham seem good enough, but I find their prices quite expensive. Customer service has largely been good.

  Diodorus Siculus 23:09 02 Aug 2006

What happened with your PCWorld saga?

  terryf 05:58 03 Aug 2006

You often can't beat a local company, they may be a little more expensive but you get what you pay for and you can always go back to local 'small' company and explain probs personally rather than ringing a call centre in the mystic East

  dontmeshwithme 08:33 03 Aug 2006

This is copy of a post I made on another thread and it my option of 4 main sellers

Ok this is my take on the 4 major sellers that I have dealt with:-

Dell .. Very good for machines upto £1000, keep an eye out for the mass produced special offers. Very expensive for upgrades, ie an upgrade on a machine I looked at today was £50 to up a cd to DVD-RW, which is expensive. I use them mainly for the machines we have at work.
Evesham .. Had 2 home PC's from them, mainly as I had a local shop. Good after sales support, very good machines but not the cheapest.
PC World .. Only ever bought 2 machine from them a Packard Bell about 6 years ago which was not very good and a compac laptop in the last 4 months which was ok but I would have prefered a DELL. I have also found instore advice can be "shakey". Personally I use them for consumables and emergencies and thats about it, also it is usually cheaper to buy online and then collect in store???
MESH .. Some people love them, some hate them. It all seems to depend on whether you have had to use their customer support. I fall in to the second category. I can't recommend them until they sort out the customer support they offer. My advice to anyone buying from them is to call the customer service line prior to purchase and see how long it takes to get an answer. However there are a lot of people on here that use them and have never had a problem, they also tend to be the cheapest in terms of performance/£.

The last machine I purchased was from click here and I was very happy with it. I paid slightly more than I would have for an Evesham but I knew exactly what I wanted and they build it for me at a very competitive rate. Support was also excellent, both pre sales (on advising on which graphics card to opt for) and post sales.

I have tried to be fair and honest and comprehensive. I think I have covered most popular places to buy a pc as well, but there are probably hundreds of much smaller companies out there that you could also choose from.

  tash32 12:40 03 Aug 2006

I bought a pc from pcnextday on Sunday - it arrived on Tuesday great, tried installing XP on Tuesday night and immediately got a hardware error message.

Emailed pcnextday 3 times so far no response from either their tech or customer support. I'm totally unimpressed with their customer service so far.

My last PC came from Evesham about 6 years ago. It was an excellent machine at the time and their customer service and after sales support were all excellent.

  clueless555 13:48 03 Aug 2006

the whole pc world saga has ended, im just going to forget about it and sell it, they apologised and have repaired mistakes and checked the history and told me the pc itself was given back with in days and refurbished and resold to me. i believe it is a mistake and not done on purpose because the pc did arive to them the day they bought it and they probably didnt know much about it. i thank you all for your help on that and i spoke to traiding standards and sent letters got replies and resolved the issue. the apologies seem genuine imo.

thanks to everyone who replied on this thread so far, i have a 800-850 pound budget and saw mesh's offers pretty outstanding but i was wondering if they send engineers or anything when the pc goes wrong or what happens exactly.

i thank you all again

  clueless555 13:48 03 Aug 2006

btw im from the uk, kent

  Totally-braindead 18:44 03 Aug 2006

I would consider something like this click here and select a nice monitor to go with it. You may as well have XP Home rather than Pro. Cost is £561.65, has a reasonable graphics card and you have to add for speakers. Also budget for a printer as well. Avoid Lexmark as the cartridges are very expensive. Better with another make.

  clueless555 22:45 03 Aug 2006

thanks alot, i dont believe it pretty much matches what i want and for much less than my budget.

thanks alot "totally-Braindead" il certainly consider it, i definately wont get one cheaper, but i was wondering what the company were like, il do some resaerch on them but thanks.

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