The Curse of Dell Computers. !!

  tuff guy 08:12 11 Apr 2003

hi, I posted here end of last year about all my troubles with my Dell Dimension . I did get an upgrade which I thought about right for all the messing around. My new Dimension 8250 has been running well, apart from the casing startng to come apart. I hear Dell are adding a tube of superglue to every PC sold!!. A note of warning. There is a program called Defrag for Windows, which says it's more efficient than the built in Derag. Do not use this. It messes up your PC in a big way. What was happening that i was in a loop of reboot, load, shutdown & reboot. The Groundhog day for PC's. I tried everything to no effect. I phoned Dell but , because I was out of the thirty day rule, I was passed on to Dells software support for which you pay £20 a time. As it was "my fault" I concede that was fair. What was'nt fair was to be on hold for over an hour. I was then advised to do a Repair installation. I had tried this but it did'nt work. When I tried to get back to software support I was told I would face another long wait & it might be better to phone in the morning. In the end I did a new installation on my hard drive. This was to access & backup my work. Once that's done I will format & reinstall. I e-mailed Dell about the long wait & the lack of backup but have heard nothing. I had to get that off my chest. "Dell Customer Support" is an oxymoron. God help me if anything serious goes wrong. I would, humbly , suggest that you ster well clear of Derag for Windows.

  Sir Radfordin™ 09:00 11 Apr 2003

The customer service you get from Dell seems to depend on if you are a business or a home user. At work we buy most, if not all, our computers from Dell.

It has never taken me less than 10 mintues to resolve a problem, but its always a pain-free experience and easy to resolve.

My only complaint is it takes 90 seconds to actually get to the dial options.

  max-headroom 12:47 11 Apr 2003

Sir Rad - you're probably right, but its the same in similar situations with lots of other companies, because as a business customer you're probably going to have an account manager, and if you get annoyed, they get annoyed because you won't be contributing to their commission anymore. Whereas a home customer probably buys a PC once every 3 years or so, so you won't get the same level of people chasing other people up for you. After a while, that kind of culture is going to spread through a company (damn, business customer, don't want the account managers going mad, lets get it sorted quick).

  tuff guy 20:09 11 Apr 2003

I can see the points made by both, max-headroom &
Sir Radfordin, and agree with them. It makes economic sense, for Dell, to give more support to companies but leaves the private buyer with very poor support. Dell are not on their own in trating private buyers badly. max-headrooms comment about the culture spreading downwards. What really annoyed me is that they don't listen to what you are saying & treat you as being computer illiterate. I had already done a repair installation as well as trying to sort the problem myself. Though I'm no expert I can navigate & deal with most software issues but Dell Tech Support appear to be using a script & no deviation is allowed. The best support I've had have been with Olivetti & Hewlett Packard. The latter being really geared up to the customers need. Thanks for the feedback, these forums are a godsend & I have had lots of help from various people. At first I was amazed at the helpful & generous replies I got. It restores my faith in peoples kindness & makes me feel part of a wider community. I was going to tell you of the problems with BTBroadband but don't want to take up anymore time. Suffice to say BT are a shower of "merchant bankers". Thanks for listening & the feedback.

  Grizzler 20:45 14 Apr 2003

Tuff Guy... I'm another victim of Dell's "customer care" - I got results in the end by emailing the Customer Relations email address posted in various threads... its: [email protected]

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