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  seanmurray139 17:42 08 Dec 2010

Basically I bought one during the summer. The fan failed and also it started acting funny when charging. I went in 2 weeks ago tomorrow and they told me that it had to be sent to England and to give it 2 weeks. That was the 25th November a Thursday. They told me they were booked up until Monday and it would be collected then.

I received a text that Monday stating they would collect it by close of business.

I received a text from the Tech Guys today stating that my laptop had only arrived in "their fantastic UK repair centre". They sent me a message 9 days ago telling me they were picking up.

Where the hell has my laptop been for the past 9 days?

Anyone ever dealt with these idiots before?

Is there anything I can do, other than your standard complaint? Customer service is a pile of bull*!@: these days. I am absolutely fuming as I need this laptop for university, and it is under a years warranty.

  961 17:56 08 Dec 2010

Go to see the manager at the store (no one else, say you'll wait if he's "tied up")

Explain, calmly and politely, your problem and you need this back asap. Or, if they prefer, a replacement

  Woolwell 18:48 08 Dec 2010

Stuck in snow? Where was it going from?

  ajm 23:16 08 Dec 2010

I recently had the opposite experience twice and I am sure i have written about this in another thread.

When you first called them, did they confirm which address they were supposed to collect from?

have you tried to contact them. If you want a direc email address, send me an message through the yellow envelope and I will be able to assist.

  seanmurray139 00:09 09 Dec 2010

AJM I've sent that message.

It could be due to the weather. I sent Currys an email and their automated reply said they would get back ASAP, but due to adverse weather conditions they were behind.

It was coming from Craigavon in Northern Ireland over to England. They collected in last Monday, but really it has taken 9 days to get to the repair centre?

  bjh 09:56 09 Dec 2010

Not unlikely. Deliveries from a lab in Belfast are running five days behind, and they are by expedited courier. I'm hoping they're going to get here Friday, else they'll also have caught two weekends.

It may, therefore, be beyond Currys control, and a diplomatic approach may gain more. I do not know if your contract has a clause allowing for "events beyond our control"; most do.

  HondaMan 12:06 09 Dec 2010

You say, "told me that it had to be sent to England". Where are you based as different consumer rules may well apply?

  seanmurray139 16:32 09 Dec 2010

BJH, roughly how long will I have to wait for my laptop to be returned? The fan needs fixing. The laptop says no AC adapter is connected when it is. Charging seems to be an issue also.

I told the girl these issues and she said it would take 2 weeks, but if you say service is behind - any estimate?

  seanmurray139 16:36 09 Dec 2010

Hondaman, I am based in Lurgan, Northern Ireland.

  961 16:42 09 Dec 2010

Have you been to see the store manager yet?

  bjh 16:46 09 Dec 2010

Sorry, you are asking the wrong chap. I was merely commenting that a regular routine 24-hour couriered delivery from a Belfast laboratory to the south of England was being delayed by five days... thought the information might help. I'm nothing to do with Currys.... though a Korma wouldn't go amiss tonight!

Currys will probably be able to claim the snow is an act of god/beyond their control, and so will be able to extend their normal return period accordingly. You should have some paperwork somewhere... what does that say as to maximum timescale?

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