Currys refuse android return for overseas user

  panhandle 15:47 30 Mar 2013

I purchased a Google nexus 7 in December last. I told the salesman I lived in Cyprus. He sold me a warranty that was allegedly worldwide - but was not. More to the point, Google Play - the main download facility for apps/books/movies etc. for this product, does not work in most countries - not even Jersey. "Google Play is not available in your country" - a fact confirmed by Google. I believe the product is not fit for purpose, and Currys should have informed me - or any purchaser [it was bought in Portsmouth, a major foreign gateway]that it was unlikely to function as expected outside the UK. Part of their response is >> I have noted your further email regarding case CC1958067. I regret we are not able to accept the product back, since it is not faulty and is working within specification. Google Play may change their service conditions at any time, which is beyond our control. The product can be used with any preloaded apps and connected to the Internet for use for browsing/emailing and other internet related features using preloaded software while you are outside a Google Play coverage. They have ignored that I cannot even use a non-UK address Visa Card at all to buy anything. They have said that since the box has been opened they cannot refund it anyway under any circumstances.

Do you think I have any rights?


  morddwyd 08:49 31 Mar 2013

Unless you can prove that Curry's misled you, and without something in writing that will be difficult, I don't think you have much of a case.

  spuds 10:07 31 Mar 2013

Its going to be another case of your word against their word, and I think that it would be difficult to prove either way.

The only suggestion that I would make, is for you to contact someone at a more senior level within DSG, and see if they can offer a resolution or goodwill gesture.

You will find a direct link to the CEO's office via

  onthelimit1 10:29 31 Mar 2013

I don't see how Currys could be expected to know the way a device will work in countries other than the UK. I would assume they would say it was down to you to check before purchase.

  panhandle 13:04 31 Mar 2013

Thanks - I understand all your comments, however [onthelimit1] they cannot expect me to contact Google for a functionality check before purchase? Thanks spuds, I shall try your link and come back to the Forum when I hear anything. Mike.

  bremner 14:26 31 Mar 2013

"they cannot expect me to contact Google for a functionality check before purchase"

Why not? You were intending to take the purchase to another country, the responsibility was yours not theirs.

  Forum Editor 14:47 31 Mar 2013

"I told the salesman I lived in Cyprus. He sold me a warranty that was allegedly worldwide - but was not."

How do you know that? The warranty covers manufacturing faults, and as far as I can see your device doesn't have a fault. The fact that a software application doesn't work in some countries is not a manufacturing fault, and you cannot therefore claim under the terms of a warranty.

Your claim, if there is one, would be against the retailer because the device is not fit for purpose, but frankly I believe you will have a very difficult job on your hands proving that. It will come down to your word (that you specifically told the salesperson you wanted to use the device in Cyprus) against his.

  panhandle 23:17 31 Mar 2013

Hi Bremner. My thoughts are that Google, being an international player is something we would ALL expect to fully function anywhere in the European world at least. I was not going to China or N.Korea for example. The operational countries below are pasted from Google customer service >> The Nexus 7 is only supported in these following countries Australia, France, Germany, Spain, United States and the United Kingdom, Puerto Rico. Please note that Google Play Movies isn't currently available in Puerto Rico << It is pretty limited, not the average persons expectation of a Google brand - and so is it unreasonable to expect to have the limitations pointed out?, especially where I live [albeit impossible to prove I told them] My frustrations really started when I went across the water to Jersey and it did not even perform there, the first time I tried it.

Separately, the warranty was an "all risks" loss/damage which I paid extra for - a separate issue, and I do not rely on for the performance issue. I have confused things by mentioning this.

Thanks guys - some interesting views [mostly not in my favour!] but I shall, as stated, e.mail the CEO and post back in due course.

  onthelimit1 09:00 02 Apr 2013

Certainly won't do any harm to try, and he may see your point of view. i wish you luck.

  panhandle 22:48 04 Apr 2013

RESULT!! Hi Guys - what a result! Spuds, I may or may not have got here eventually but thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction. Pasted below is the full reply from the office of Curry's CEO which - tellingly - agrees that the restrictions on the use of this are such that Google will be asked to include this as a warning on the packaging.

Refund ahead. Info below, thank you, and as we can see, persistence can pay off. Thanks again Spuds. See below>>>>

*Dear Mr xxxxxxxx Thank you for your e-mail addressed for the attention of our Chief Executive Officer Sebastian James. As part of the Customer Action Team, your correspondence has been passed to me to investigate and respond. First of all please allow me to apologise for this completely unacceptable experience. I have emailed the Branch Regional Manager as I completely understand the need to rectify this with speed. We aspire to delight our customers and collectively we appear to have failed you. Our challenge now is to show you how we can turn this round and demonstrate our ability to exceed your expectations. The matter has been investigated internally and steps will be taken to ensure that this type of incident does not happen again and that other customers are not met with the same experience. We strive to offer the very best of customer service, so it is very disappointing to hear when this has not been the case. Benjamin from the Fareham Branch has requested that when you return to the UK in early May that you make a visit to the store you purchased the Nexus from and they will arrange a full refund. It is very concerning to learn that your simple request at time of purchase was not addressed correctly, as all our colleagues should be trained to answer lots of questions and if they have difficulty, then they can always ask or check on the internet where this information could have been obtained. Not always do they have access to all the information and sometimes we have to admit that we may have made an error. Benjamin has also confirmed that the limitations of the Google Play Software in some Countries is not displayed on the packaging, therefore, potential customers would assume there are no restrictions. This will be addressed directly with Google so that any future models have this displayed or must have a clause as a warning. The Whatever Happens Product Support Agreement that was sold to you is the correct one and can be used for a World Wide Claim where the customer would be able to pay and reclaim any repairs necessary, if applicable, this will need to be cancelled and refunded. Once you arrive in the UK, please email me and I will call you to discuss and arrange the cancellation and refund of the said agreement. Please accept my sincere apologies for the inconvenience this has caused you and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Kind Regards Gemixxxxxxx KNOWHOW™ Customer Action Team KNOWHOW™ Customer Contact Centre*

  spuds 00:46 05 Apr 2013

Great result. My motto - Never say never :o)

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