Current Inkjets - comments please

  dewskit 11:46 01 May 2007

We are currently looking for a suitable replacement inkjet for the Secretary of a very active Theatre & Arts charity.

Looking at Amazon and Dabs sites seem to show a lot of negative experience of current HP models in the Reviews section - paper not feeding/jamming.
I Would be grateful for first hand experience from anyone on this forum.
Needs principally to print black documents in quantity and occasional colour pictures, also physical size cannot exceed LWH 18.5 in x 13 in x 7 in. Low running costs too please - I am the Treasurer!!

  fitshase 13:46 01 May 2007

You can't go wrong with an epson printer. Loads of compatible cartridges around at a fraction of the cost of originals.

  Woolwell 15:14 01 May 2007

The quantity issue is going to drive up the price of the printer and cost of printing. With the black documents is it multiple copies? If so I would suggest photo copying will work out cheaper.

You need to look at the speed of printing and then take the manufacturer's speeds with a pinch of salt.

Do you need duplex capability?

I have an Epson D88 but would suggest that it is not man enough for your task and you need to look at a more expensive model.

You do not need a photo printer. Canon's can be quite good.

  jakimo 16:50 01 May 2007

Printing cost can be very high on quantity runs with inkjets,would suggest you look at budget monochrome lasers,and find someone who can do the odd colour print. The measurements you quote will limit your choice, probably to a flat feed printer.

  dewskit 17:36 01 May 2007

Thanks Chaps.

I should perhaps clarify things a bit. She prints quite a lot of correspondence, minutes, etc. and proofs the Newsletters and other documents needing long runs which I then print for distribution using a Kyocera FS3820, which is very economical to operate.

With the HP printer she has been using, which took type 27 cartidges, we seemed to be forever buying new black ones, as the yield seemed very low.

I had thought of a low cost laser for the mono stuff, but she tells me she needs some colour capability, but the size issue also comes in again, as already quite a lot of her living space is occupied with files etc..

Colour use is quite limited - her husband is an artist, and occasionally needs prints of photographs of pictures etc.

I hoped someone may have experience of the newer HP printers, otherwise I had been looking at Canons, which seem to have been well reviewed, but no hands on information after actually running them in the real world.

  wee eddie 17:43 01 May 2007

an ink-jet printer should not run the relevant coloured items, having already printed the text on the laser.

Of course there would be alignment problems to start with, but these would disappear as you became more familiar with the set-up.

  wee eddie 17:48 01 May 2007

The printer manufacturers are working hard to make it difficult for you to use Alternative Ink Suppliers. Although those same Alternative Ink Suppliers are working equally hard to ensure that their inks can be used.

At the present the battle is neither lost nor won but, from what I gather here, resetting the chips is becoming progressively more difficult.

  Woolwell 19:03 01 May 2007

Your situation sounds like the office we have. To cope with the minutes, correspondence, etc in we have a mono laser printer which is, as you are aware from the Kyocera, economical compared to an inkjet. We also have an inkjet for the occasional colour but in this case we have an A3 inkjet because that is good for posters and we do need an occasional double spread. We have been running like this for about 6 years (although upgrading to A3 was recent and we did it when the previous inkjet died).

Is space really that tight? If so and you go the inkjet route then you must get one which is suitable for office use rather than home use.
The other thing to consider is paper route and whether it will easily take labels and card. My wife uses a Canon at work and she is quite happy with it. We have Epson at home.

  jack 20:15 01 May 2007

All the points are covered here but if I may- to Summarize
Volume black printing - a laser is by far and away the most economical.
For occasional colour a good quality ink jet with straight path paper feed.And an A3 for posters- a good idea too
Cartridges- yes there is a battle - chipped- then chips defeated- then super chipped and so the loop goes round.

Here is a tip when a set of cartridges is exhausted, before throwing them away- acquire a 'ZAPIT' re-setter.
Reset the chips to zero and swap them colour for colour on the replacement [compatible] set.
That'll fox 'em [until they read this I guess]

  dewskit 21:52 01 May 2007

Thanks again everyone for the input

  LABMAN 18:43 12 May 2007

I use an Epson D88 with compatible cartridges and it runs with no problems except one.

Every time you print it pops up up telling you that you are using non original cartridges and offering advice on how to purchase them, you can click continue to keep printing but this pops up every time a new page is due to be printed so a run of say 30 pages would involve 30 pop-ups meaning you can't walk away and leave it to run unattended.

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