currency exchange saga

  sunny staines 10:01 25 Aug 2008

just been to eastern europe and just before going got £20 in slovak & hungarian money.

had trouble getting these accepted everyone wanted euros only.

on return to the store that did the exchange i was told the hungarian notes i had were out of circulation. i explained that they were the ones the store gave me a week earlier so the store then offered £7 for them. I then asked how much for the slovak and was offered £55 i thought that more than makes up for the loss so went ahead and exchanged back to english money. A few hours later had a message on the phone asking me to call i thing they have offered me the wrong rates are they entitled to ask for the money back if they gave me too higher rate.

  GRIDD 10:44 25 Aug 2008

If you knew when your were exchanging that they were making a mistake then surely that's fraud?

ie. you could have told them the truth "that can't be right, it only cost me £20 the other way" then it wouldn't have resulted in a personal gain to you and a loss to them.

  sunny staines 10:52 25 Aug 2008


at the time we thought the rates had changed in our favour but checked it out when we had the message left and checked the rates, still a bit miffed about being had on the other currency loss.

  spuds 10:57 25 Aug 2008

Not sure about Euros, but in my travelling days, a few $US dollars or £sterling had a very good acceptable response. More so, in South America and the Caribbean ;o)

Wonder how you would have faired, at the cash changing machines inside some supermarkets!.

I remember one particular money changing experience, and the day when I changed some £sterling into rupees in New Delhi. It was only when I was a few thousand miles away, and completing an expense sheet, that I realised the rate of exchange had been calculated was very wrong to my companies advantage. I often wonder to this day how that episode ended up with the money changer?.

  tullie 14:37 25 Aug 2008

Such a small amount of money isent going to fluctuate by £35 is it,in amounts like that you would be thinking in pennies,or less.I think you should give them their money back.

  jimmybond 17:07 25 Aug 2008

"I think you should give them their money back"

Of course they should. Although the fact that sunny staines is asking if they're entitled to ask for it back, clearly indicates they'd be perfectly happy to keep this money that doesn't belong to them. What they did with the £7/£55 was a mistake. What you're doing by refusing to give back the difference, unless you're forced to, is theft.

  ICF 19:14 25 Aug 2008

How did they know your phone number?

  sunny staines 20:16 25 Aug 2008

waiting for them to call back, i was just after where we stood legally.

  Al94 22:11 25 Aug 2008

A contract was made when the transaction was completed. Their loss.

  beeuuem 01:15 26 Aug 2008

Perhaps, but if the error was the other way you would probably expect them to rectify the situation, wouldn't you?
Some years ago in Orleans I changed £200-00 of travellers cheques in a bank. While talking to the cashier, who was a gorgeous red-head, she forgot to actually take the cheques although she gave me the cash. I only noticed this a couple of days later when I was in Bourg-en Bresse.
By your reckoning I should have done nothing and kept the money, after all they didn't know who I was.

  jimmybond 10:00 26 Aug 2008

"Perhaps, but if the error was the other way you would probably expect them to rectify the situation, wouldn't you?"

You're not kidding, I'll bet they'd be turning the air blue with rage and we'd have one of those threads about small claim courts and how unfair the whole thing was.

Like finding a wallet full of cash on the pavement, with the owners address inside - you could quite easily pocket the money and think "tough luck their stupid fault for dropping it"...if you have no morals that is ;-)

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