Cube247 vs PCOption vs (Others?) {£500 Gaming Rig}

  SeanUK 23:01 11 Jan 2008

Hey guys, I'm looking to purchase a new 'Mid-End' rig. I'm looking to spend no more than £500 and ideally I'd like a Vista system capable of gaming. (Not Ultra-High-End)

I've found two options that I'm really interested in. The Cube looks more enticing.

The Cube247 Zuben ST12 "click here"

They look like good reliable parts at a cheap price, with decent midrange performance. The RAM and card bundled alongside Vista Premium makes it a tasty deal. Wouldn't expect much more for this at the price I'm paying. My concern, is whether or not their PCs are of a decent build quality... the reviews on here are mixed. However, their site even has a system recommended by the PCAdvisor Mag. So, I'm a bit confused.

The second build I found at a similar price and spec was offered by PCOption.

Pc Option

Gamers Base Unit
Nvidia 8600GT
Intel® Core® 2 Duo. (6750 (2.66GHz 4MB, 1333FSB) Standard Case
1 X Nvidia GForce EN8600GT 256MB Graphics
500GB Sata 2 Hard Drive
4096 DDR 2 667 MHz
Vista Premium 64 Bit & Disc
Sony 18 X DVD Dual Layer Writer
Msi P965 Neo-F V2 - (QC) - DDR800 - Motherboard )

The card on this build is weaker, and it's a custom spec vs Cube's 'pre-build'.

My questions are:

Which system would you label the better buy?

Do you have experiences with either company, or know about their rep?

Are there any other better/similar options on the market at this price?

(Looking for 4GB Ram,Vista Premium and a STRONG DX9 Nvidia Card, DX10 isn't required,300gb+hd)

Thank you for your advice.

  SeanUK 15:20 12 Jan 2008

Does anybody have experience with either company, especially Cube? I'm having difficulty finding anything as good at that price. I don't really want to have to send my PC back and forth once it arrives. In order to ensure a working build...

Any help appreciated!

Many thanks

- Sean

  Archroy99 23:13 12 Jan 2008

The easiest thing to do is search for them.They both show a number of results.

  SeanUK 14:21 13 Jan 2008

Hi Arch,

Indeed the easiest thing to do is search, and that's where I started :D. My problem is (and reason for posting) being the mixed views of the people involved. I'm not expecting a 100% rep for any company as there's always mistakes that grow into disputes. However, given that one of the main supporters of Cube247 in 2005 then turned around and started 'bashing' them left me a little concerned. A whole lot confused, too!

I posted for clarification of Cube247's CURRENT rep, and wondered if anybody had recent dealings with them. If not, I'll have to take a chance I guess and get back to you with how it goes.

The second reason for this post is my interest in other competitive dealers in the market offering similar systems at that price range.

Thanks for your response.

  Archroy99 17:46 13 Jan 2008

Well,if you look further down this page,you can see my experience with PC Option.Cube,I have no idea about.
Good luck

  jellyhead 19:06 13 Jan 2008

I have a Cube machine nearly 2 years old now, when it arrived it had a problem with the graphics card, one phone call and return to base got it sorted, returned within a few days, haven't had a single problem with it since(touch wood). What they are like now I don't know. Hope this helps.

  tillerman 7 00:35 15 Jan 2008

Had a cube machine last year,nothing but trouble they are very thin on customer care Buyer Beware

  SeanUK 18:21 15 Jan 2008

For every good word I've heard, there's been a bad. I'm decided to wait/save for a little longer and get a 8800GTX 512mb system from cougar extreme instead.

Thanks for the info guys, problem resolved.

  Forum Editor 18:35 15 Jan 2008

that most computers work perfectly, straight out of the box, and most of the people who buy new machines never have to ask for post-delivery support.

The complaints that you may see here, in our forum, are the exceptions to the rule, and are almost always resolved without too much trouble. In my experience (which goes back over seven years in this forum) bad customer service can almost always be overcome, as long as both parties maintain communication.

I wish you luck with whatever machine you decide to buy; the chances are you will never need our help, but you know where to come if you do.

  possibly 16:29 19 Jan 2008

I bought the Zuben and have had it for about two weeks now - the only issue I have is that the front socket for the headphones does not work - a relatively minor issue for me that I can overlook.

Apart from that everything else seems fine (crosses fingers).

  Forum Editor 17:52 19 Jan 2008

The headphone problem might simply be that a lead from the sound card or motherboard isn't connected to the socket. If you're comfortable with opening the computer's casing, and you have the motherboard manual you would be able to tell right away.

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