Cube247 - A bad experience

  Mick909 09:03 13 Sep 2007

I purchased a Cube computer in August and agree that the specification is very good for the price. Like many others I purchased the machine with a return to base warranty.

Upon arrival the machine had a poorly fitted card reader which I contacted them about and they agreed that I try and re-seat it myself, which was successful. Almost immediately I had a problem with one of 3 disc drives not being recognised, but not all the time. They sent a set of replacement cables. Before I had fitted these cables I put the computer into standby mode and immediately there was a loud bang - the end.

I then had to return the machine to base. They replaced the power suplly and somehow sorted out the disc recognition problem, but they returned the machine with loose front face plates.

Cube will not refund my courier fees, standing behind the "return to base" terms for a computer which was clearly a "Friday afternoon special" and which died after only three weeks of ownership. In my view the machine was not fit for purpose and it is clear that build quality is rubbish.

  Diodorus Siculus 11:14 13 Sep 2007

You put the computer into standby mode and then replaced the cables?

If by that you mean that the PC was not disconnected from the mains and you moved cables around, then I think that you are very lucky that Cube247 did anything with the PC after that for free.

  Clapton is God 11:28 13 Sep 2007

I agree with Diodorus Siculus.

I think that there was a certain amount of failing to put brain in gear before replacing the cables.

I'm also surprised Mick909 that you're still here to tell the tale.

  Totally-braindead 11:52 13 Sep 2007

I'm not sure that you have the right end of the stick here. From my reading of what has been said he put the PC into standby mode and it blew then, before he had done anything.

I could be wrong but thats the way I read it.

Regarding the refusal to return the fees for return to base delivery I'm fairly certain that this is standard practise. The reason you get the cheaper warranty is that you don't take the onsite option.

Regarding one of the hard drives only working intermittantly that could be something as simple as a loose cable, especially when the PC has been moved. I know when I moved my PC to another house one of the cables came adrift and I just had to push it into place.

If the PC is working now then I don't really know if theres anything else you can do. They are quite within their rights to refuse to refund the courier fees and you now have accepted the repair and the PC is running.

What do you wish to do now? Are you hoping for a refund?

  Mick909 15:14 13 Sep 2007

Putting it in standby had nothing to do with replacing cables,(it just happened before I got round to it) - I would indeed not wish to electrocute myself.

RE the comments on return to base, the way I see it this was a Friday afternoon machine, not of merchantable quality or fit for purpose (see Sale of Goods Act). My remedies under the Act would probably be to return the machine for a refund, and the existance of the warranty does not eliminate my Sale of Goods rights. However, I have populated the hard drive and touch wood the machine is now working. I think Cube should recognise that whilst it suits us both if I keep the machine I have a valis claim for loss.

  Mick909 15:18 13 Sep 2007

By the way, the cables sent to me to replace were not for power supply but the cables connecting the discs to the motherboard. I tried them for "looseness" before they agreed to send the replacements.

  Totally-braindead 16:12 13 Sep 2007

Regarding the "claim for loss" what loss do you refer to? I presume you mean because the PC had a fault and you had to return it. Now I appreciate you are annoyed at paying this but in their defence you did only pay for return to base warranty and therefore I cannot see how you can expect them to refund that. In short you got what you paid for. If you had paid for onsite and then they expected you to pay for the return that would be completely different.
Regarding the build quality that might be a different situation. If you can prove that it isn't built properly then you might be able to get a refund of the full amount you paid for the PC but I'm not sure how you stand regarding that since it has now been repaired and no longer has a fault.
Perhaps they will refund the carriage as an act of good will but under the law I do not believe they have any legal obligation to do so as you paid for return to base warranty not on site.
Sorry but thats the way I see it, perhaps others will disagree but I can see no way to prove that this PC was badly built from day 1 as it has now been repaired and therefore I cannot see why they should refund any carriage. They could turn round and say that a particular bit failed and that they provided the cover they were legally obliged to give and I cannot see how you could prove otherwise.

  HondaMan 16:28 13 Sep 2007

What loss?

  Diodorus Siculus 17:15 13 Sep 2007

"I have a valis claim for loss"

What loss?

The loss of the cost of returning the machine to Cube247 I suppose.

  Mick909 22:34 13 Sep 2007

I seem to have attracted one or two who are either manufacturer's representatives or just people who just like to argue. I am not referring to Totally braindead (who clearly is'nt!)

Cube's commitment to ship within three days of order is resulting, I believe, in non existant or inneffective quality checks. They do not claim to have any quality approvals on their website, and that is unusual these days for manufacturing / assembly businesses. They returned my machine with a different power supply than the one that failed, so whilst there is no particular reason to complain about that it means that they probably do not have standard components or traceability for the items they send out.

This is my last posting on the topic. For the benefit of others reading this the principal point is not whether or not I have a claim (which I understand is something I will need to resolve with Cube) but that build quality of these units can be very poor, and unless you live near Wetherby that could prove expensive and inconvenient.

  spicyspencer 15:48 09 Nov 2007

I would have to disagree Mick, the build quality of the Cube systems is fantastic as a general rule. I don’t doubt that you have had a problem with your system, however between myself and the rest of my family we have had 7 systems from Cube in about 6 years and the quality has always been great. (one system did have a graphics problem – very quickly resolved though!)

A friend of mine once took a tour of the Dell factory in Ireland, they sell what is reported as over 50 000 systems a day for Europe, he reckons that they are not tested at all! The hard disks are installed with software away from the system in batches of hundreds, then installed by machine into the case – the computer is not even turned on before it’s shipped to you! Cube state that all systems have a 12 hour burn in test before dispatch. I know which I prefer!

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