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  Richard-1298492 10:45 03 Oct 2008

I recently bought a zeta st18 from Cube. The website advertised the Graphics card as an nVidia GeForce 9500GT 1024MB Performance Graphics card. According to my system info, though, it is 512MB. All the websites I have seen also state the 9500Gt 512MB. Is this false advertising?
The system info on My PC does however state 512Mb of dedicated graphics memory and 1343MB of shared system memory, giving a total of 1855MB total Graphics memory. What does this actually mean? i was always under the impression that you cant have shared graphics memory as well as a dedicated card at the same time.
I'm confused!!!

  GaT7 21:07 03 Oct 2008

The 9500GT comes in a full 1Gb variety too click here (that's a nice passive/silent one).

Download & run the free SIW click here. What does it say under Hardware > Video ?

Check that your 4Gb RAM is made by Corsair as advertised (will need to open case - check that this doesn't invalidate your warranty). Also check anything else you purchased/customised to the system matches the make/spec/quality as advertised.

When there's a shortage of the advertised spec, PC companies usually substitute components of 'equal or greater value' - which is fine when it is actually done. But I've heard of Cube247 (& some others) substituting some internal components with inferior make/spec/quality.

Contacting them & their T&C click here. G

  citadel 22:08 03 Oct 2008

some cards use turbocache to borrow system memory when needed, this is when there is heavy demand.

  Richard-1298492 10:17 09 Oct 2008

thanks for the info.
sorry I was a while getting back, not had a chance to get to my computer.
used siw and pyhsically checked the memory. the card IS 512MB but at least the memory is corsair as advertised.
I think I shll have to contact Cube, as another issue has come to light. According to Windows Vista magazine, Vista 32bit may show 4G of memory on the system, but will actually only uses 3-3.5GB. To use more the 64 bit version is needed. The retail version of 32 bit can be upgraded for a "nominal" fee via the microsoft website. The computer was only shipped with the 32 bit version. When i tried to see how much it costs to upgarde, microsoft website would not accept my product key. I think it was because the Vista disc states "licensed for distribution only with new pc" so is not a reatail version and not eligable for upgrade. well, thats my assumption anyway.
Whats the point of paying for a 4GB computer if you can only use 3GB?

  citadel 17:20 09 Oct 2008

if you have dual channel on the motherboard you need two memory sticks of the same size eg. 2x2g this gives a speed increase.

  Richard-1298492 18:03 09 Oct 2008

just been on the phone to cube. The guy explained i needed 2 sticks of the same size, hence,4GB rather than 3GB. Also the thing with the card was explained. When he explained i remembered, that although the advertised card was 1GB, it wasnt the 9500GT. it was a gforce 8600 Gt (or another of the 800 range- i cant quite remember which). I had acutaully got an upgrade. The 9500GT, aparently, while having less memory is a faster card.
So apparently i got a better deal.
oh and by the way, i realised it was not the Zeta ST18. thats the new one. It was an ST15. Sorry. Guess i was being a little thick. The ST18 currently does have a 1GB 9500GT card and a bigger Hard drive for the same price. guess i should waited a little.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback

  GaT7 21:01 09 Oct 2008

"I think it was because the Vista disc states 'licensed for distribution only with new pc' so is not a reatail version and not eligable for upgrade." - you are right.

You can have 3Gb & still run in dual-channel in the following config: 2x1Gb & 2x512Mb. But your motherboard should have 4 RAM slots. Don't worry about this, as 4Gb is a common standard nowadays, is relatively cheap (the 1Gb more being only ~£10-15 extra) & better than 3Gb - whether the system recognises it or not.

Btw, the 8600GT could be better than the 9500GT - depends on a few factors, & amount of RAM is not one of them.

Which ST15 exactly? There are a few with that code in the model name: click here, click here, click here, click here. G

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