Cube 247

  shynepo23 20:19 15 Oct 2007

Now I am really no complainer at all. But I have given Cube chances. Now they dont even pick up the phone to me. All I want is help. I rang them tonight and they were engaged...I rang again 10 seconds later and no pickup. I bought the most expensive system off hem last friday. Got it and nothing but problems. The staff on the phone keep telling me what to do and then say there is nothing wrong. They seem as clueless as me. I am really annoyed at paying so much to get a system that doesnt even work fairness if it did the system would be awesome. But it doesnt. Sorry to moan. Any other thoughts on Cube at all or is it just me been unlucky?

  mikeben121 21:30 15 Oct 2007

Do a quick search on here, theres quite a few!

  tillerman 7 00:04 16 Oct 2007

Sorry to hear of your trouble with cube, purchased top end comp in April of this year,sent back 3 times, 4th time have kept unit and in dispute via my credit card company.Cube 247 must be the most incompetent company I have ever dealt with.Check their website they would have you believe they work from a large modern building but no,I returned my computer in person on the 2nd occasion to a converted unit in an ex army station and then they wouldn't let me inside the building,had to conduct our business in the car park,I rest my case.,maybe not!

  FatboySlim71 09:18 20 Oct 2007

I had a Cube PC once. I after say I wasnt impressed AT ALL with it. It was a top end PC I purchased as well!

Mine kept crashing, freezing, I wouldnt have cared but I had no programs installed, I could be surfing the net one minute, then I would get a Blue screen or it would just freeze. I got feed up in the end and at the expense of having to send it back to them, so I sold it in the end.

  dnjl 00:14 25 Oct 2007

We bought a Wolf gaming computer from them (excluding the speaker system) last March and it's been great. No trouble whatsoever.

  dnjl 00:21 25 Oct 2007

Forgot to say we also opted for Windows XP Home instead of Visat - maybe this makes a difference.

  saleda 17:13 28 Oct 2007

You seem to be one of the lucky once dnjl.
I've had nothing but trouble with my cube247.
Sent it back,it was returned and failed
again within 24 hours, with the same problem.

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